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JUNE 23, 2018
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AUGUST 19, 2018
Key Brewery Taphouse - Dundalk

SEPTEMBER 30, 2018
Scarecrow Classic 5k / 1 Mile Walk
UMBC - Catonsville Campus

DECEMBER 3, 2018

MARCH 28-29, 2019
BIAMD's 31st Annual Conference
Red Lion Hotel - Baltimore North

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Juan Acosta wears a gnarled knuckle and misaligned collarbone like badges earned during his 16 years racing horses nearly 20,000 times. He also recalls times when he’s “seen stars.”
“Concussions, I’ve had maybe five or more,” said Acosta, known as J.D., a regular at the  Laurel Park  racetrack. “You get back on. We’re always going to try and be tough.”

Jockeys take huge risks for little pay — riding atop horses weighing more than 1,000 pounds running 40 miles per hour. They are independent contractors, responsible for their own health care, and typically paid per race plus a small share of any winnings.

The horse racing industry has long tolerated and even encouraged an ethic of racing battered and bandaged -- but, like football and other sports, the dangers of concussions may be driving a change at the tracks.

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Why do you look so angry? This article hasn’t even begun and already you disapprove. Why can’t I ever win with you? I see it in your face.

If this sounds unfamiliar, good for you. You don’t need this.
For the rest of us, it may be helpful to know that some people seem to have outsize difficulty with reading neutral faces as neutral, even if they are exceptionally accurate at interpreting other facial expressions. Over the past decade psychologists have been piecing together why this occurs.

A study  published in March in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships  suggests that some people who grew up with parents who fought a lot never learned to properly read those in-between faces, perhaps because they spent so much time watching out for signs of conflict.

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As many as 45,000  Tricare  households or beneficiaries could be disenrolled from coverage because their payment information was not updated when the agency changed regional contractors early this year.

Affected users are retirees who use  Tricare Prime  and do not pay their annual fee through paycheck allotment and those who use the purchased  Tricare Reserve Select Retired Reserve  and  Young Adult  plans.

Other Tricare users, including Tricare for Life beneficiaries and active-duty families, are not impacted.

Tricare had previously been managed by three contractors in three regions: United Healthcare in the West, Health Net in the North, and Humana in the South. On Jan. 1, the system's South and North regions combined into Tricare East; the contractors changed to Health Net Federal Services in the West and Humana over the entire East region.

As a result of the changes, purchased plan users and some Tricare Prime retirees in the former North and West regions were required to update their annual or monthly payment information or face disenrollment.
Is this the way we treat our servicemembers?

T o find out more: CLICK HERE

To find out how to contact your Elected Officials to protest this treatment CLICK HERE.
BIAMD Joins Ribbon Cutting as ReMed Adds a New Neurorehabilitation Site in Maryland
ReMed has added a four bed residential rehabilitation site to its continuum in the Columbia, Maryland area which increases overall capacity and clinical capabilities for individuals with brain injuries. An Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was held on May 9th and included ReMed staff and representatives from the Brain Injury Association of Maryland, Corvel and Liberty Mutual.

ReMed of Maryland State Director Diane Triplett said, “This location provides a residential treatment option for individuals who require a therapeutic milieu to work on and resolve complex issues related to their brain injury in anticipation of moving to a less intensive community environment or home.”
2) What We're "Reading" We Think You Might Enjoy
Shift Out of Conflict and into Connection, Safety, and Intimacy
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You'll first learn to identify attachment styles—patterns of intimacy that begin in the earliest years—both in yourself and in those around you. Then Tatkin guides you through his proven principles and practices for building enduring security and commitment between partners, family members, and others whom you love. Join him to explore:

  • The warring brain versus the loving brain
  • When your brain's threat response is getting in the way of love
  • How to avoid triggering fear and help your partner feel safe and secure
  • Simple gestures and words to put out emotional fires
  • The power of rituals to build trust and intimacy
  • How to make your relationship a sanctuary, and more
For this audiobook:
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1) Quote We Are Contemplating...

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.

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