I'm Creating Original Music for the Broadway Production of Macbeth in 2022!
Hello, Friends!!!

I have some exciting news to share, and I've been wanting to tell you for weeks: I am creating the original music for a new production of Macbeth on Broadway this Spring! Sam Gold is the director, and it stars Daniel Craig & Ruth Negga! It opens on April 28th and will run for 15 weeks at The Lyceum Theatre in New York, NY.

Paul and I will be out in New York for most of March - I will be pre-recording it (I've already started, in fact!) and they'll play it as sound cues. Paul and I will then I'll be flying out (parents in tow!) in April for Opening Night! I can't wait to see how this music develops over the next 6 months... It's gonna be some spooooky music! You can read more about the show here!

In addition to creating this ghostly theatrical soundtrack, I am currently busy working on a memoir about my childhood in Minnesota, touring adventures, and disability advocacy. As always, you can support all of my creative endeavors (and get in on some fun monthly Zoom discussions!) at my Patreon page.

Anyway, just thought you might want to know... Thank you for all your support! Have a great day, and keep in touch!


Gaelynn Lea