May 2019
Solitude Place Was Given a House!
If you attended our update in Phoenix last December, you already know that Element Church of Forest City, N.C. has given a house and mobile home to the ministry of Solitude Place.

Though the actual transfer won't occur until later this year, we wanted to get the word out to the rest of our ministry friends.

Please pray for wisdom as our board seeks the best use of this generous gift. There are so many possibilities!
Solitude Place Board Welcomed
On April 14th, Element Church welcomed our board to Forest City. They desire to partner with us by investing in Solitude Place. They are a kingdom-minded church with open hands. (Our board members left to right are: Isaiah Gibson, Bruce DeNorch, Brian Gandy, David Swain, Justin Southwick, Laurie and I, and not pictured is Chip McNeiece)
Prayer for Wisdom
The church body gathered around us and prayed for wisdom as we are seeking the best for Solitude Place ministry. God is moving on our behalf and we are very grateful.
Here is a video link with a little more background story:
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