A Big Sunday for the Community Church
as We Host Our Friends From
Church of the Holy Spirit @ Our
10:00 a.m. Gazebo Worship Service
(& Make a Couple Special Announcements!)
Our friends and neighbors from Church of the Holy Spirit (Episcopal) in Lake Forest will be our special guests this Sunday @ our Gazebo service @ 10:00 a.m.
Leading the contingent from CHS will be my friend Father Luke Back (pictured), who has been a great addition to our communities since he and his family landed here from Texas 2 years ago. The service will have a couple of special elements:
  • Emmy Award winning pianist, vocalist and all-around-great guy Steve Rashid will provide music
  • Luke and I will each preach for 10 minutes on the same passage from the Gospel of Matthew - how interesting it will be to hear our different takes!
  • and, to make it extra fun, Luke and I will each be choosing a 60 second "walk up song" prior to offering our sermons - any guesses? (No, mine won't be "The Community Song")
We hope you will join us and bring some friends. As always, it is helpful for you to bring your own chair or blanket, and it is mandatory that everyone in the park wear a face mask or shield and remain socially distanced from folks not in their household.
Finally, at the service during our welcome I'll be making two important announcements regarding our future at the Community Church as we move forward toward summer's end. I very much hope to see you on Sunday! - Tom
Once Again, Your Preacher Seeks Forgiveness!
* * * * *
Last week I sent out a note to our congregation looking for help brainstorming options after we were told by Lake Forest College that the Chapel would not be available to us during the 20 - 21 school year.
All I can tell you is this. First, people in our church are really, really good at brainstorming! I received over 40 different ideas re: spaces for us to meet. Second, I seek your forgiveness as I am way behind individually responding to the 35 individuals who were kind enough to send in ideas.
Now, the ideas were fantastic! Everywhere from schools to community centers to other not-for-profits to local corporations to retail outlets to tents and warehouse spaces to other churches were mentioned. At this stage, were are getting close to a deal with a place where we could hold services from October 1 through May of 2021, though a few other options also remain quite appealing at this stage of the game.
As for how we are making our decision? The key questions are: (a) where can we meet safely and comfortably as well as socially distanced in an environment healthy for all? (b) proximity to our congregation, (c) parking, particularly for handicap and special needs, (d) seating capacity, (e) environment, and (f) affordability.
Thanks to ALL who shared their ideas and helped us sort through what matters. When we make a final decision, you'll be the first to know! And again, I'm sorry for not getting individual replies to everyone kind enough to reply to my query.
Toby Hits a Home Run!
* * * * *
Many of you will remember the Rev. Toby Jones (pictured in his KidsUganda hat!) from Michigan. He's a long-time friend of Tom, co-author with Kraig Moreland of the book Furnace Girl , and a good friend of the Community Church who has both preached and performed musically for us. Toby is also an "Innovative Scholar" from our Center for Innovative Ministry, and we actively helped him develop ministries in Petoskey and Gaylord, Michigan.
After many years of part-time ministries, Toby has landed a sweet, full-time position as minister of the United Church of Christ congregation in Charlevoix, Michigan - a wonderful community on the western shore of Lake Michigan.
Tom met with Toby last week in Charlevoix, and on behalf of the Community Church and the Center for Innovative Ministry made an arrangement where Elliott Delman from our church will be coaching Toby on how he can craft a weekly online service similar to ours.
Over 70% of Toby's congregation is seasonal, so it is imperative that he be able to maintain meaningful contact with them during the offseason. Hopefully beginning this Sunday - at Toby's first service as their new minister - he'll be able to send a full online worship service to all his followers via a single link - a first for their congregation.
Special thanks to Elliott Delman for his great work, and to the Community Church for the mostly quiet ways we have reached out to other ministers and congregations through our church's Center for Innovative Ministry.
Community Contemplation
Weekly Meditation Schedule

Tuesday  5:45 PM hosted by Venu Tummalapalli via Zoom

Wednesday  9 AM hosted by Lee Eddy in person at Sunrise Park on the bluff in Lake Bluff. Meet at the top of the bluff between Prospect and Center with your meditation cushion/chair or use bench. If rainy, meditation will move to the south shelter. Be respectful of social distancing per COVID-19 Phase 4.

Friday 9 AM hosted by Dave Andersen via Zoom

Sunday 9 AM hosted by Dave Andersen in person same as Wednesday - on the Bluff 

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 927 7895 1159
Password: hippo

If you have any questions or difficulties don't hesitate to call/text the person(s) facilitating the meditation you seek to attend. Mobile #s Venu 224-800-4049, Lee 847-791-8552, and
Dave 847-691-3866
* * * * *
don't forget to check out
Elinor Jannotta's  headunder40days challenge
for personal, daily, outdoor, meditative moments
with Mother Nature!
Our Food DRIVE Continues!!!
* * * * *
Thanks to the MANY MANY generous and compassionate people who've supported our Food DRIVE - and more importantly, who've cared for hungry children and adults during these challenging times.
Our Food DRIVE program coordinated by 6th Man John Corrigan (pictured in our truck) has three primary elements.
First, twice per week we take food that has been dropped off at our truck parked daily at the Jessen Office Building at 117 Scranton in Lake Bluff (from 8 am to 5 pm) to El Puente Latino and Beacon Place in Waukegan.
Second, we forward financial donations many of you have made to El Puente and Beacon Place so they can purchase food from organizations like the Northern Illinois Food Bank - where they can get WAY MORE food for their money than at a traditional retail outlet.
Finally, we've been honored to participate with Market House in Lake Forest in a program they developed. Each week, they provide 200 free-of-cost meals to families in the Beacon Place community - and we have the privilege of delivering the meals. Thanks to Carla and her top-notch team @ Market House and for the love their extending to our neighbors @ Beacon!
Give thanks to the Lord for he is good;
his steadfast love endures forever. - Psalm 118:1