Ms. Jean Pryor  enrolled her children in  our program in 2007  after being referred through our partnership with the Department of Children Services. See had just  adopted 6  siblings  a nd was an instance single parent. Ms. Pryor had been a Foster Parent to many children but  could not bear  to see these little ones  separated. Each child was matched with a "Big"  and begin to  thrive  because of the BBBS program.  T he rest as they say is history.

Ms. Pryor recently attended a  BBBS Board  meeting  to share  how much the program has help her family. When she came into the program as a single mom with limited resources she never imagine a day would come where she could give back to an organization which had given  her family  so much.

She learned that it  takes approximately $1,000 to support a match between a mentor and a child.    Ms. Pryor  sprang into action and started a challenge raise money to help us carry out our mission. She donated $1,000 to  " get the ball rolling "  so that we can support other children like hers.  

Will you help us keep the ball rolling? Please consider making a gift of any size to help our agency reach the goal raising $5,000 for Ms. Pryor's Challenge by May 31, 2019.