Conversation starters

Here are some ways to get the conversation flowing whether you are talking on the phone, texting, or doing a video call:

  • Talk to your Little about what they are studying each day. Boise School District has their lessons online for all grades and they have some fun activities to try, even if your Little in not in the district.

  • Low on art supplies? Watch this video on making a collage. All you need is paper and crayons or colored pencils. The Treasure Valley YMCA has other fun crafts, cooking ideas, and ways to get moving too.

  • Challenge each other to a scavenger hunt with a twist. Give each other some clues so you must first guess what you are trying to find with these scavenger hunt riddles.

  • Join the Backyard Biologist Project. There are different projects depending on age and all entries receive an official Backyard Biologist certificate.