Meeting In Person

We know many of you are ready to see each other in person. Watch for an email and letter later this week with the reconnection waiver. Until you have more information, please continue to meet virtually. With the information, we will also provide activity ideas for seeing your Little again.
Send in Your Video Call Photos

We want to show the fun our matches have had while meeting virtually. The next time you have a video call with your Little (with parental permission), please take a screenshot of your activity and email it to your Match Support Specialist. Our supporters love seeing what our matches have been up to lately.
Upcoming Events
Join us for Bigs and Littles Growing Together at Noon on June 6, 2020!

Emina, one of our spectacular Bigs, will be walking us through a couple of different options for growing plants this Spring. There will be an option for people wanting to plant seeds or pot a small plant to enjoy as it gets bigger. Bigs and Littles will be able to send pictures to each other to share their progress.

Boise Bicycle Mobile Repair Visits BBBS

If your Little's bike needs some repairs before they can start riding this summer, Boise Bicycle Project can help. They will be at our office at 7609 Emerald St. on June 11 from 5:00-7:00pm. Either Bigs or parent/guardians can drop off kids bikes and they will be repaired at no cost. Repairs will be limited to fairly simple problems like flat tires and brakes not working properly. Boise Bicycle Project will assure that the bikes are disinfected before being returned to help keep everyone healthy for riding this summer.  

The goal is to get as many kids on bikes as possible. If your Little does not have a bike, please talk to your Match Support about other services from Boise Bicycle Project.

Please bring your Little's bike by or tell their parents about this event. We hope to see you next week, Thursday June 11 between 5:00 and 7:00pm!
Connectivity Kits

Thanks to Mountain West Bank, we have matching connectivity kits for Bigs and Littles to have supplies in common for fun activities like making slime, painting a little canvas, snacks for movie night, and more. Contact your Match Support Specialist if you would like a connectivity kit for your match.
Book Club
Book it Forward Idaho has been so gracious to provide BBBS with some new books for our matches. If you are interested in reading a book with your Little, please look at the titles and covers in the survey below and rank your top 2-3 choices. We will do our best to ensure matches get their top choice, however to create a variety of choices, we only have enough of each book for a few matches.  Fill out this survey to sign up for your top choices. After you fill out the survey, a BBBS staff member will be in touch about picking up the books from the BBBS office.
Icon Credit Union Sponsors the Big News
Do Successful Children Need Praise or Encouragement?

According to success researcher Carol Dweck, children are more successful when they are recognized for their work ethic rather than praised for their talent. In a Columbia University study, Dweck found that students who were praised for intelligence gave up after a failure, while those encouraged for their hard work tried even harder to succeed.
Becoming an expert encouragement coach to your little isn’t easy, especially if you were not encouraged yourself as a child. But you can start with these simple shifts.

Praise: “You’re so smart. I knew you’d do well on that test.”
Encouragement: “ You worked so hard to ace that test. How does it make you feel?”
Praise: “I’m proud you did your homework this week.”
Encouragement : “What did you do to remember to do your homework?”