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Big Wheel NOT at Audubon Market tonight working, but we'll be there relaxing! Now for some BIG news...

Hi Guys and Gals!

Well, it was a wonderful week at Kennebec, our pop up restaurant project we held at Urban ReThink this last week downtown.  We saw so many faces of friends, regulars, and people from our entire time at Big Wheel, it meant so much to feed such wonderful people.  We hope you were some of those who got to partake!

That being said, we have some exciting but sad news following on the heels of such an epic week.  As you know, our food truck has become a cornerstone in the Orlando truck scene, and we have been regularly listed as one of the top trucks in town since we launched. We feel like our catering and provisions have led the charge of local food like none other in Orlando.  We are very proud of this and we couldn't have ever done it without your support.  However, the summers of constant rain have been very tough on the industry, our truck, and our emotions, as there is nothing harder than to work a full day only to have an event cancelled an hour before we were supposed to open.  Because of the projected financial non-viability and physical exhaustion of the upcoming rain season known as summer, we have decided to close Big Wheel Provisions for the season, and take on a project up north, on Nantucket.  I will be the head chef at a restaurant called the Company of the Cauldron, and Donovan, our #2 here, will also be my Sous Chef there.

April 15th will be the last Audubon Park Market we will be at until this fall, when we currently plan to return with our provisions and food truck.  The opportunity to be on Nantucket for the season is one that will stretch several members of our team who will be joining, and will make us better chefs, more financially stable, and on top of our game like we have never quite been able to be.  Often, we have felt like we were playing catch up, and it's difficult to put out the best you have within you when trying to stay ahead of the pack but are struggling with things out of your control which prevent you from even working. 

It was a hard decision, and one we know may compromise our brand.  But we prefer to think of it as Orlando sharing some of the good that we have here, and we are going as ambassadors to this great city, such a wonderful people, and with the local food flag still firmly in our grasp. 

We hope to see you the next few weeks at Audubon to stock up on our meaty goodies and provisions while you can, and to say all of our "We'll see you later's".  We will miss you all, and hope that you understand that this is the best thing for us at this point in our business, our careers, and our lives.

We'll be milling around finally getting a chance to RELAX at Audubon market tonight, and we hope to run into you! Let's make plans for you to come see us on Nantucket this summer, eh? We'll show you around the joint, it's quite nice, and it doesn't rain much in the summer!  Love you all, and we really hope to see you before we head out,

Tony Adams
Chef / Owner
Big Wheel Provisions