"CST In Touch"
News from the CST Alliance
Volume 7, Issue 1
Dear CST friend,
We wanted to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR and share with you some of the latest news here at the CST Alliance:

Big Time Deal on Lodging Just Announced by Star Island!
In the last few days we learned of several new ways to save for students attending our CADD class (CST Around Death and Dying) this summer. Star Island is offering room and board discounts (up to 30%), grants, scholarships, and even a raffle this season, so this may be the year for you to experience the celebration of life and the natural flow of living by attending our CADD class. Star Island is a place that offers natural reflection and opportunities to witness the natural rhythms of light, land, water, birds, seals, whales and people all feeling the same gratitude. CADD is a four day class plus two days allowed for travel to and from the island. In all it is a six-day experience you won't want to miss. There will be deadlines for each of the discounts and they will be posted to our website as details are announced by Star Island. Call Jill today at 603-948-2820 and let her know you're interested in attending CADD this summer and want to save on lodging. Pre-requisite is SE1 or equivalent (SER) training and practice. Learn more about Star Island at www.StarIsland.org
Four CS-Lymphatics "CLI" Classes Nationwide in 2019!
For those who want to explore the most recent development in CST, the CLI Class (Craniosacral-Lymphatic Integration) is coming to four locations in 2019: Florida, California, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Learn how to enhance the flow of CSF by facilitating lymphatic flow. This is a truly new dynamic in CST methodology. Four classes are coming: March in Jupiter, Florida; June in New Hampshire; September in California; and Pennsylvania (date TBD). Pre-requisite is BE2 or equivalent training. Call today for more information 603-948-2820 or visit our website.
New Class: CST - Sports and Orthopedic Injuries
Additionally, our Canadian colleague and teacher Gary Keeling, BPE, BSc (PT), CSTA-CP is offering a new class this year " CST Use in Sports and Orthopedic Injuries: Integration, Treatment and Validation." This class explores the integration of orthopedic considerations in CST. Learn how to test orthopedically before and after a CST session. A wonderful progressive validation for CST. Pre-requisite is BE2 or equivalent training. Learn more about this class.
Just Released: Cranial Circle #55 "Teacher as Self" Part 1 of 3
We have just published the first of three "Circle" articles focused on teaching. This Circle article discusses the important role the teacher plays when it comes to providing quality education. We are happy to say that our faculty is growing with new individuals who understand the important role of the teacher. Our teachers are branching out in new locations of the United States (and beyond) and teaching high quality CST education to students of every level, who in turn bring better CST treatments to their clients. I hope you will find these essays moving, informative and interesting for your practice and your life. Watch for additional articles to come approximately every two weeks.

Excerpt: "As parents, friends, colleagues, as well as citizens, we are all teachers. We teach by example, knowledge, wisdom and experience. Sometimes we teach those who are in our spheres of influence what to do and sometimes what not to do. As therapist, colleague, friend and as an aging human, the more I find myself in the role of teacher."
The CST Alliance is renewed, refreshed and ready to work together to move CST forward in the new year!
Happy Day,
Don Ash, PT, CSTA-CP
Upcoming February Classes
February 2 - CST Exploration Day (6-hour workshop)  - Swedish Institute,  NYC  - Instructor: Gina Flores. Registration is directly through the Swedish Institute. You can call them to register at (212) 924-5900 x146.
February 8-10 - CST Somato-Emotional Elements 2 "Expressions of the Body" (SE2) -  Waxhaw, NC  - Instructor: Sheryl McGavin, OTL, CSTA-CP
February 15-17 - CST Basic Elements 1 "Rhythm and Dural Tube" (BE1) - ACTM, Fredericton, New Brunswick,  Canada  - Instructor: Gary Keeling, BPE, BSc (PT), CSTA-CP
Learn more at our website: