Greetings from Medellín!

I've sometimes heard people say...and perhaps I've even said it myself..."The only thing I can do is pray." It comes across almost as an apology. However, prayer is the best and first thing we should isn't just a little thing but rather a very BIG thing that we can do for one another. We know this because your prayers have sustained us on so many occasions over the years! Thank you!

Lately some BIG things have happened to some of our friends and we are in the midst of some BIG projects and so, today we write to ask you to give that very BIG gift of prayer.
Prayers for Healing
Mireille and Hans Tanner are friends who were part of the Casa Grande church in Chile. They came to Medellín for vacation and we enjoyed catching up with them earlier this week. Yesterday Hans went paragliding but a sudden gust of wind ended his flight with a crash landing. He broke several ribs and 3 vertebrae. Please pray that his surgery tomorrow will go smoothly. And pray for Hans and Mireille as they face at least 3 weeks of recovery time here in Medellín before being able to return home.

Also pray for Jose Buenrostro, a good friend from Kentucky, and Soledad Gil, our pastor Susana's mom, as they both fight cancer.
Hans and Mireille, prior to the accident
José and Soledad
Prayers for Comfort
Earlier this month we learned that Pastor Mark & Julie Waterhouse, friend's in Kansas, lost their daughter to a sudden illness. Today, my boss at Alltech, where I worked for 10 years before becoming a missionary, passed away. Dr. Lyons was a good friend from whom I learned a lot! We ask that you would please lift up the Waterhouse and the Lyons family in your prayers.
Dr. Lyons
Prayers for the Tasks at Hand
Finally, we ask you to pray for our ministry here. While is exciting to see the office buzzing with activity, the tasks before us are quite large.

Pastoral Formation. The team is basically synthesizing information from 4 different sources to create 1 manual for each of 20 different courses. Ricardo and I are responsible for reviewing the theological content and the graphic design, respectively, of each book. Our targeted completion deadline is November.

Community Church Planting. At the same time other members of the team are contextualizing the CCP materials for Latin America in preparation for an area-wide training in July. And, of course, we're also overseeing the implementation of CCP here in Medellín and Pereira (where several churches are being planted simultaneously) while considering how to also implement it in Bogotá.

All of these projects involve planning, teaching, mentoring, evaluation, money management and lots of prayer. (Thankfully, Ricardo hasn't started teaching seminary classes yet, but that will all change on April 4.)

We believe these projects are crucial for the future spiritual growth and multiplication of the church throughout Latin America. We also believe that the enemy is not happy and so this team particularly needs your prayers for protection!
Pastoral Formation Planning Meeting
Praying with church planters
FM Youth in Colombia
These are just a few of the issues and projects that we are handling right now. We did enjoy 5 days of work and Annual Meetings in Bogota at the end of last month. We are thankful for our united Colombian church family! (The FM Colombian youth - aka the next generation - are pictured above.)

Please pray for the specific requests we've listed and also pray for our health, energy and focus as we serve Christ in the midst of His great, all-encompassing plan. Pray that we can provide the needed support to the Tanners as well as all those around us whom we serve on a daily basis. Your prayers are a BIG help to us! Thank you!

Trusting in the great physician, comforter and provider,
Ricardo, Beth, Juliana and Jonathan

P.S. Elections for the house and senate seats will be held on Sunday here in Colombia and the air pollution levels are dangerously high in Medellín so we'd appreciate your prayers for these things too.
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