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  • Fifth BIGCHEM School on the AstraZeneca site of Mölndal (Sweden)
  • BIGCHEM sessions in AstraZeneca School
  • New publications
  • BIGCHEM at Merck celebration in Moscow
  • Laurianne David, BIGCHEM ESR, at the University of Paris Diderot
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Fifth BIGCHEM School on the AstraZeneca site of Mölndal (Sweden)

The fifth BIGCHEM School took place on the AstraZeneca site of Mölndal (Sweden) from 6 th May to 10 th May 2019. The conference was organized by Dr. Hongmig Chen (Chairman) from AstraZeneca ( Mölndal).

The first two days were dedicated to BIGCHEM fellows. Afterwards, three days followed with lectures from worldwide experts in chemical High-Throughput Screens (HTS) and Drug Discovery, including numerous speakers from AstraZeneca. The full program is presented here.

BIGCHEM sessions in AstraZeneca School

All BIGCHEM fellows presented their results and plans towards the completion of their PhDs during the 6 th and 7 th of May. On the 7 th May, BIGCHEM partners gathered together for the Supervisory Board as well as the General Assembly meeting.

The program on the 8 th-10 th May included distinguished speakers lectures from AstraZeneca and research centers around the world. The topics of the lectures covered the main focus of the school HTS as well as other subjects of Drug Discovery. Among the external expeakers the school counted with Prof. Johannes Kirchmair (University of Bergen), who talked about computational approaches to detect frequent hitters in high-throughput assays, Dr. Ulf Norinder (Swedish Toxicology Sciences Research Cente) with a talk on "Conformal Prediction method to handle large imbalanced datasets", Prof. Gunter Klambauer (University of Linz), who talked about high-throughput microscopy imaging and Deep Learning in Drug discovery and Prof. Artem Cherkasov (Vancouver Prostate Center), who gave a presentation on the development of antipancreatic cancer compounds . 
Amol Thakkar, BIGCHEM ESR, about his experience at BIGCHEM School
" Over the course of the last six months, I have had the pleasure of meeting, and learning from a variety of researchers across the breadth of drug discovery programs at AstraZeneca. These have helped shaped my skills as a computational chemist, but more importantly allowed me to see how our work can translate into the wet lab, often working alongside more experienced organic chemists. It has been an engaging experience to date, and I feel fortunate to have experienced research in an industrial and academic setting where the two sides come together to solve problems which are academically interesting and have the potential to change the way in which we work"

Dr. Mónica Campillos´ impressions about the School

" The organization of the BIGCHEM School in AstraZeneca was excellent. Not only the lectures from international experts on Big Data in Chemistry were very interesting but also the talks of BIGCHEM fellows. Already on the final stages of their PhDs, the students presented in detail the results of their projects; they showed the clear benefits that cooperation between academic and industrial partners brings to the training of the future generations on the field. I particularly enjoyed the tours organized within AstraZeneca site and the interaction with School participants in the social events.The relaxed atmosphere helped to strengthen the bounds between participants as well as to promote interesting discussions"
New publications

See full list of project publications at the BIGCHEM web site.
BIGCHEM at Merck celebration
Project Coordinator, Igor Tetko, gave an invited lecture "Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Chemoinformatics as Drivers for Innovation in Drug Discovery” within the "Merck Science Dialogue" in recognition of 350 years of Merck and 120 years of Merck Russia. His talk complemented the lecture of 2013 Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, Prof. Arieh Warshel about his pioneer studies, which created the base of the modern computational chemistry.
Laurianne David, BIGCHEM ESR, at the University of Paris Diderot

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Next BIGCHEM School

  • The final BIGCHEM Conference will be co-organized with the ICANN 2019 - International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks during 17-19th September 2019 in Munich. ICANN is an annual conference of the European Neural Network Society (ENNS).

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