Advocacy Update
Ensuring the interests of the land development, residential construction, and renovation industry are considered for all
relevant issues.

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Municipal Affairs and BILD Alberta
BILD Alberta has been named a key stakeholder and we are enjoying a significantly enhanced relationship with Municipal Affairs, allowing us to push back on existing legislation, influence emerging regulations and proactively address priorities that impact the land development, home building and renovation industry. 
In this issue
  • 2015 Building Codes: We will work with Municipal Affairs to launch the 2015 Building codes this fall. Stay tuned for more information.
  • 2020 Energy Step Codes: We are working to ensure that 2020 Energy Step Codes regulations consider affordability and consumer demand.
  • MGA, City Charters, and Fiscal Framework: We are working to encourage industry consultation with a request in for status and timeline updates.
  • PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) Implementation: Working to have a preferred supplier list that profiles BILD Alberta members.
  • Wetlands Policy: Advocating for policy development or integration of BILD Alberta’s constructed stormwater wetland assessment tool.

And More!
Partnership & Collaboration
Municipal Affairs has invited BILD Alberta to be a part of the Residential Protection Program Advisory Group that is currently under development. We are also being introduced to the Alberta Building Officials Association as a recommended partner and are seeking additional representation on the Safety Codes Council. 
2019 Election Strategy: Housing and Employment Matters
BILD Alberta will conduct a province wide initiative to:
  • Reinforce relationships with current and prospective elected officials
  • Set the stage for the BILD Alberta policy agenda
  • Unite BILD Alberta members in One Voice – the best source for matters of the land development, home building and renovation industry   

BILD Alberta will advocate for housing strategies that consider affordability and growth throughout Alberta. A provincial housing strategy should focus on the housing continuum from social housing to home ownership.

A province-wide election awareness campaign will address priorities through the lens of environmental leadership, smart regulations and consumer assurance - ensuring Albertans can live in the home they want or need, where they want it.