As you may be aware, just before the holiday season the government introduced amendments to City Charters that greatly impacts our industry. BILD Alberta has been working closely with BILD Calgary, UDI Edmonton and CHBA Edmonton to prepare a formal response to be submitted during the 60-day submission period.

Given the timing of the government's announcement and the importance of the proposed changes, a letter has been sent to Premier Rachel Notley and Municipal Affairs Minister Shaye Anderson requesting a 30-day extension of the submission period. We will provide an update in the next BILD Alberta Brief.
The Alberta Building, Fire, Energy and Elevating Devices Codes is expected to have government approval in coming weeks – with possible enforcement as early as April 1, 2019 .
Significant changes to the Codes include:
·          Stairs, ramps, handrails and guards, including increasing the minimum
run on stairs to 255mm (10”)
·          Low permanence materials
·          Protection near cook tops
·          Airborne sound transmission - Direct vs. Flanking
·          Removal of the Detailed trade - off path in the NECB

BILD Alberta has told the government an expedited implementation time frame could lead to significant challenges. Regardless of implementation, we are working with Municipal Affairs to address education, communication and interpretation challenges anticipated through an expedited implementation process. We have also requested clear avenues for members to access support from Municipal Affairs in the event of misinterpretation in the application of new codes.
Members will be updated as more information becomes available.

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Standing up for our members
2018 ended in a flurry of activity including a media conference drawing attention the crisis facing our industry. This garnered national attention as more attention has been paid to Alberta's struggling economy in recent weeks. The message is clear that we cannot take another hit, and we will stand up for our members.
Changing Landscapes Conference
Save the date: May 2 & 3 for the Changing Landscapes Conference. This conference will examine the communities of the future. We've added a Future Leaders Forum prior to the conference aimed at up-and-comers in the industry.
Our new website will launch later this month. This refresh was done after extensive review of analytics and web development trends. Yes, it will have the same domain, we will let you know when it is live!
Awards Review
Volunteers are needed for the Awards of Excellence Category Review Committee and the Cost Review Committee. If you are interested please contact Laara Braz for more information .
Upcoming Local Events
Constituent Associations offer several networking and learning opportunities throughout the year. Click on the links for information and tickets to these upcoming events:
Jan. 30 – BILD Central Alberta – Member Dinner Meeting
Feb. 1 – BILD Lethbridge - Building the Best Awards
Feb. 6 – BILD Alberta Lakeland Region – Open House
Feb. 11-12 – CHBA – Edmonton Region – Residential Construction Industry Conference
Feb. 13 – BILD Calgary Region – Luncheon with City Manager
Mar. 8 – BILD Medicine Hat - Awards of Excellence
Mar. 16 – CHBA – Edmonton Region – Awards of Excellence
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