Miami, FL - (December 9, 2013) - A new kingdom initiative and ministry paradigm was introduced today. A progressive agenda to promote church, social and political reform was presented via a five point foundational SHIFT platform.
Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III

By invitation only, prominent, new generation pastors and leaders filled a room in Miami, Florida, to interact and to integrate their ideas on bold,powerful and world changing topics.

With thousands in their congregations, these leading pastors have made an indelible mark in their cities and have now come together to consider an opportunity to partner with Bishop Joseph Walker, the Presiding Bishop-Elect for the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

The esteemed invitee list included: Pastor John Adolph, Pastor Eric Alexander, Dr. Kevin Cosby, Dr. Marcus Cosby, Dr. William Curtis, Pastor Reggie Devaughn, Dr. Frederick 'Freddie' Haynes, Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr., Pastor Arthur Jackson, III, Pastor Charles Jenkins, Pastor Jeffrey Johnson, Pastor Solomon Kinloch, Jr., Dr. Delman Coates, Pastor Andre Landers, Dr. Claybon Lea, Dr. Kerwin Lee, Dr. Walter Malone, Jr., Pastor Clinton McFarland, Bishop Sheldon McCarter, Pastor Vanable Moody, Pastor Smokie Norful, Pastor Craig Oliver, Pastor Dewayne Pickett, Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Pastor Xavier Thompson, Pastor Lance Watson, Pastor Maurice Watson, Dr. Ralph West and Pastor Remus Wright.

Bishop Paul S. Morton opened the meeting with profoundly movingstatements."This room represents the movers and the shakers of the kingdom. Our [FGBCFI]philosophy has always been to Change a Generation. You are the chosen ones that God has positioned for this time. We are moving forward!  Many businesses close their doors every year because they cannot find a way to 'get into the future'.  Bishop Walker is the future. He is the man for this generation! Bishop Walker's leading of this fellowship is the way into the future. Too much tradition destroys.  Tradition is nothing but frozen success.  We must stop bragging about the past and we MUST embrace the future.  This is the greatest movement of the 21st century.  And, I welcome you all to the SHIFT."

Bishop Darryl S. Brister, the Fellowship's Second Presiding Bishop, said to the men, "The Tribe of Issachar were strategists and they had a plan for their time. We are pastors, but we must also be strategists who are merging vision, passion and skill.  Bishop Joseph Walker has a definitive plan for this time.  He's experienced success in breaking down barriers between age groups and denominations, and it is clear, he will continue to make progress through strategic collaboration."

The five point SHIFT Platform struck a harmonious chord with the entire group. Focusing on Sustainability, Holiness, Innovation, Family and Transcendence, the details of SHIFT were meticulously dissected and delivered.  Each of the pastors connected to their own particular interest area and placed emphasis on how they could implement and adapt.
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"Bishop Walker has a fresh and innovative perspective on church for this century," remarked Pastor Remus Wright.  "With one hand he reaches bƒack to honor the significant history and with the other, he leans forward to grab the visions of tomorrow. My passion and purpose is to help build up the smaller (emerging churches). I understand you first have to identify who you have around you, what the platform is and how we can use our individual resource and skill to participate - we've accomplished that in this room today."

"The Body of Christ needs this vision so powerfully articulated by Bishop Walker. If we are to be what Christ calls us to be, this vision must come to fruition.  If we are to transform this nation, and yes, the world, we must move out of our spiritual silos and join this global movement. I'm energized with excitement, and I'm praying fervently for the success of this expanding tent. I'm honored to play my part in making this vision a redemptive and revolutionary reality," said Pastor Frederick 'Freddie' Haynes.

Bishop Walker passionately compelled his guests,  "It's obvious we all share similar passions. Something is rumbling in the kingdom. Everything we do will be cause oriented. However, We can't address causes without an army! And we can't build an army without generals. We are the emerging generals. We have troops. But, we need generals. We need your influence, your ideas, your manpower. Full Gospel is blessed to have some of this nations greatest leaders and laity alike. This Fellowship is stronger than ever. The Bishop's Counsel and Tiers of Leadership within Full Gospel are excited about each of you partnering with us. We are aligning the troops to do business for the kingdom. When we have a platform that needs to change or an ill-effecting city, state or national issue, we are the TEAM! WE collectively can create a culture for positive change!"

Pastor Solomon Kinloch, Jr., who leads The Triumph Church, one of the fastest growing churches in the country, attended the meeting by video- conference and has already pledged his support and membership to Full Gospel said, "Bishop Walker is a General among Generals. He moves with intention and has established an unparalleled synergy with the power in this room today. The presentation was big, bold and necessary for the success and expansion we all preach about! Walker's leadership will SHIFT the consciousness of men to an extraordinary level. His posture during this elevation transition has been a lesson and an exercise in grace and humility.  I am justifiably proud to join Bishop Walker and my fellow brothers and friends in this significant and remarkable movement."

During the Q&A session toward the end of the meeting, Pastor Andre Landers was adamant in stating, "We must reinvent ourselves, yet stay true to our convictions.  The way we communicate has to SHIFT.  We don't have to compromise, we simply have to evolve.  Bishop Walker holds the key." Bishop Walker answered: "Again, it's obvious that by adding this group to Ful Gospel it will strengthen our ability to change social issues. No more missed opportunities by operating in our own silos! We are better together!" 

Although the group did not determine their first social cause, issues including health and wellness, juvenile justice reform, an anti-poverty agenda, small/emerging church assistance and debt free initiatives are on the horizon and will be major points of discussion in immediate upcoming sessions.
"I'm excited about this moment and this movement.  We need Full Gospel. The continuity of leadership that Full Gospel provides is desperately needed in the body for guaranteeing the execution of the missions we are strategizing. With this group of leaders, criminal justice reform now happens. Anti-Poverty agendas happen.  Solutions happen!  This is a critical moment to use our collective energy to seriously change the world. It helps to position the FGBCFI as a premier catalyst for spiritual, social and economic change in America," said Dr. Delman Coates, of Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in Clinton, Maryland, and candidate for Lieutenant Governor for the State of Maryland.

The Miami recruitment event was hosted by Pastor Arthur Jackson, III. Bishop Walker was surrounded by the core FGBCFI Executive team, including: Second  Presiding Bishop, Darryl S. Brister; Third Presiding Bishop, L. Lawrence Brandon; Executive Secretary, Bishop Lester Love; Tennessee State Bishop, Calvin Lockett; Southern Atlantic Regional Bishop, Oshea Granger; Florida State Bishop, Rudolph McKissick, Jr.; Bishop of Recruitment, Bishop Kenneth Spears; and Southern California State Bishop, Johnny Withers.  Each had brief, yet necessary reinforcing words to cosign Bishop Walker's plan and structure.

The State of Florida Bishop, Rudy McKissick shared, "Bishop Walker represents what we represent - relevancy, change and progression. Together, we will be a force in theological and social communities around the world. The pillars of the SHIFT are geared towards us, the enlightened, forward thinking leaders."

Bishop Walker is preparing a nationwide recruitment campaign and will schedule time to meet with smaller and emerging churches during his travels.  "The small churches are the heartbeat of the fellowship and are dear to my heart.  As I travel to every region to recruit, my goal will also include strengthening the local emerging churches.  These churches are the backbone in our core mission to make God's name and power known around the earth," Walker commented.

With the influence to draw this commanding room of leaders, it is no wonder why Ebony magazine recently named Bishop Walker to their Power 100 list of the most influential African Americans in the United States. It is also no wonder that the the faith based world has embraced and endorsed Bishop Walker's accomplishments over the years and his current elevation.

Dr. Jamal Bryant quoted, "Joseph Walker represents the first in the 'hip hop' generation to lead a Global reformation. The SHIFT is now in over drive. Many who couldn't find their niche are going to carve out a space in history through this movement. Joseph Walker is about to run a race that the Body of Christ must 'accelerate up to' in order to remain relevant!"

Based on the energy, the excitement and the momentum in Miami, one can truly acquiesce to Margaret Mead's powerful quote, "Never underestimate the power of a small dedicated group of people to change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Bishop Walker is in the process of assembling a world changing team. The SHIFT is here.

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In 1992, Bishop Paul S. Morton founded the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, a movement to lead and teach born-again Christians how to become more strongly grounded in their faith in Jesus.  FGBCFI is one of the largest African American Protestant organizations in the United States with an estimated two million members. FGBCFI headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA.
For more information, please visit:  www.fullgospelbaptist.org

Noted as one of the most educated and influential leaders in the ministerial community, Bishop Walker, born in Shreveport, LA, received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern University, a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and is a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Walker pastors Mount Zion Baptist Church, one of the largest churches in the nation with over 28,000 members located in Nashville, TN. Mt. Zion's focus is outreach. With over 30 help, healing and empowerment ministries, Mt. Zion has helped over 100,000 families, and donated over $3 million dollars towards charity. Recently, Walker was elected as the next Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.  He is the author of nine books, including the highly anticipated November 2013 release, LeaderShifts: Mastering Transitions in Leadership & Life. Bishop Walker also serves as the Bishop of Senior Pastors within the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International. Walker is married to the former Dr. Stephaine Hale. She is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neonatology at Vanderbilt University and they have one beautiful daughter, Jovanni Willow Walker.
For more information, please visit  www.josephwalker3.org

ABOUT LEADER SHIFTS: Mastering Transitions in Leadership and Life - by Joseph W. Walker, III

Foreword by Dave Ramsey - New York Times Best Selling Author

Our world isn't slowing down, so only those who are willing to maneuver the tectonic cultural shifts will have sustainable ministry. From his extensive experience and using the biblical story of Joseph as an extended metaphor, Bishop Joseph Walker shares practical wisdom designed to help leaders reach out and equip their church to share a relevant Christian message. Joseph W. Walker III is bishop of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Nashville, Tennessee. Under his leadership and over a span of twenty years, the church has grown from 175 to more than 28,000 members. During this time, Bishop Walker has seen people struggle to embrace the new things God is doing; and he fully appreciates how change heightens the demands of leadership. Shifting approaches to follow where God leads can also mean that leaders have to risk confronting cherished tradition, which Bishop Paul Morton calls "frozen success." But shifting to meet new opportunities is also a delicate balance that acknowledges history while also being sensitive to those loyal people who have sustained the organization to this point. Effective leadership does not impose new ideas upon old systems without a strategy that enables everyone in the organization moving forward together. It's not simply, "out with the old and in with the new." Successful organizations do not forget their history, but they commit themselves to using it as a bridge to propel them to their destiny.
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