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July 7: Machine Learning

10:00am ET
"Data Science at the NHS Business Services Authority"
Phil Godfrey, NHS

11:05am ET
"Oracle ML Demo"
Barry Starkey, Northgate

11:45am ET
"Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle ML "Better Together"
Philippe Lions, Oracle

12:15pm ET
"The ML Behind "Autonomous" Database
Sandesh Rao, Oracle

July 8: Spatial + Location Intelligence

10:00am ET
"Scalable, Location-Based Contact Tracing with APEX"
Daniel Geringer, Oracle & Carsten Czarski, Oracle

11:00am ET
"Category 5 Analytics: How OUTFRONT Media Maps Hurricane and Other Risks"
Derek Hayden, Outfront Media
Tim Vlamis, Vlamis Software Solutions

12:00pm ET
"Enabling Marketing Analytics with Spatial Databases"
Nick Salem, Team Neustar

July 9: Analytics+

10:00am ET
"Fueling Retail Loyalty: Cloud Analytics and Data Warehousing at Drop Tank"
Rich DuSatko, Drop Tank

10:45am ET
"Remote Learning Solution with COVID-19
through Modern Visualization"
Grace Peng, LAUSD

11:30am ET
"Using OAC to Manage Cloud Instances"
Gary Crisci, GE

12:15pm ET
"Challenges, Solutions, Workarounds:
Making Analytics Systems Work "
Philippe Lions, Oracle
Edelweiss Kammermann, IT Convergence
Dan Vlamis, Vlamis Software Solutions

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July 23
Melliyal Annamalai presents:
Financial Industry Use Case for Graph Analytics

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