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June 2016 Commemorative Event in Bardejov: Heroes and Righteous
Our commemorative event at the Bardejov Holocaust Memorial took place on Wednesday June 15th. The event included speeches by our founder Mr. Emil A. Fish, and by Mr. Martin Choma, representing the City of Bardejov, as well as the recognition of Priest Andrej Romanesko as the 8th Righteous of Bardejov. Local children participated with reading, singing, and a musical performance of the Hebrew song 'ANI VE'ATA" by the famous Israeli musician Arik Einstein. The theme of the song is "you and I will change the world". Mr. Jozef Patkaň, an independent musician from Bardejov, performed during the event as well. The winners of the Holocaust essay contest – sponsored by the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee in collaboration with local teachers and the Bardejov Community Foundation and held yearly for Bardejov high school students – were also announced (read more about it below). The event concluded with the signing of a Memorandum between the BJPC and UZZNO (the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia) regarding the restoration of Beith Hamidrash (read more about it below).
The winners of this year's Holocaust Essay contest are:

Andrea Kusejova                                       
Polin Museum hosts Conference in Warsaw
Our Executive Director, Orit Stieglitz, and our Director of Operations in Slovakia, Peter Hudak, attended the  Jewish Cultural Heritage Conference in Warsaw, Poland , hosted by the  Polin Museum of Jewish Heritage .

Ms. Stieglitz was invited to Chair the session on the meaning and roles of restoration and preservation of Jewish heritage sites in Europe. The session discussed tangible Jewish heritage and covered a variety of heritage buildings and spaces that have been restored or are in the process of being restored, conservation in different countries, and the role of these projects in Jewish and non-Jewish communities today.

Exciting News about Beith Hamidrash
As a result of ongoing cooperation with the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia (UZZNO), the Beith Hamidrash building was recently vacated and is now ready for restoration. BJPC will take over the development of Beith Hamidrash with the purpose of creating a Cultural-Educational Center and Museum. Soon, we will start a fundraising campaign to help us realize the project. We have also established a new Non-Profit organization in Slovakia named Fond Židovského Dedičstva V Bardejove N.O. The purpose of this organization is to help the Beith Hamidrash restoration project progress more smoothly. Last month's event in the Bardejov Holocaust Memorial concluded with the very significant act of signing a Memorandum (right) between our organization and UZZNO (the Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia) for the restoration of Beith Hamidrash.                                     
BJPC's New Logo
BJPC's New Logo
As you may have noticed, we recently redesigned the Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee logo. The change reflects the branching out of
our mission statement. Rather than focusing only on restoration, we have also been very involved in commemoration and education and we are excited to have our organization's identity reflect those values. 
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