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Šariš Region Tourism Office Promotes Visits to Bardejov Jewish Sites   

The Jewish Suburbia was the first site on a two day ‘Study Tour’ of Bardejov and its vicinity, organized by the Šariš region office of tourism (‘ŠARIŠ“ - BARDEJOV je oblastná organizácia cestovného ruchu’) and sponsored by the ‘Slovakian Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Development’ and the ‘Slovak Tourist Board’.  

The ‘Study Tour’ took place on October 21st and 22nd and was intended to promote the Šariš region as a go-to place for tourism. It included travel agents from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland. 

Thanks to the effort of Bardejov’s local tourism department, the City of Bardejov, and the BJPC’s activities, Jewish Heritage in Bardejov has become a topic to explore and learn about. This was the first time that the Bardejov's local Jewish sites were included in such a program and were described as World Heritage Sites.
Jewish Bardejov is Presented in National TV Report

The ‘National Jewish Magazine’ (‘Národnostný magazín Židovský) is broadcast several times a year on Slovak National TV. It covers Jewish Communities and Jewish heritage projects in Slovakia. The last segment was broadcast on September 26th, and included three stories of which Bardejov was one. The report covered Bardejov Jewish Heritage in general and our recent event last June. While it is narrated in Slovak, the footage is beautiful and self-explanatory. You can watch it by clicking the link below from the Slovak National Channel website. When clicking the link, the video will start at minute 07:30 where the section related to BJPC begins (please allow a few minutes for the video to load). To watch from the beginning, please drag the white circle at the bottom of the screen all the way to the left.

Inter-European High School Exchange Program
The Bardejov Holocaust Memorial has become a popular site for students and educators. Recently, a group of students from high schools in the Czech Republic and Poland came to Bardejov as part of the EU program "Erasmus+". They were hosted by a local Bardejov high school ‘Stredná priemyselná škola,’ and scheduled a nighttime tour of the Memorial with Peter and Pavol Hudák. The tour took place on the evening of Monday, October 10th during which time the lights from the memorial tablets and the Star of David monument beautifully illuminated the space.
We hope that you enjoyed the High Holidays with family and friends and we wish you once again Shanah Tovah!

This traditional greeting card for Rosh Hashana dating from before World War II, is courtesy of Tamar Schweid–Shavit. The card has wishes for a “Good Year” (Shanah ­Tovah) in Hebrew and says Bardejov in Hebrew on the lower right hand corner. 

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Our mission is to preserve Bardejov’s Jewish Heritage, memorialize and honor Bardejov Holocaust victims, and conduct educational outreach to school and community groups to teach tolerance and diversity. The Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee is not funded by any grants and depends solely on the support of generous individuals. 
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