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Bardejov Means the World:
Tracing the Roots of our Ancestors
by Linda Gutierrez
We are currently working on a new project using the information in the Family Names Section of our book to create family trees showing the various family connections in Bardejov. Using the book, as well as referring to the original documents, genealogist Linda Gutiérrez is analyzing everything to confirm the family connections, including connections that were missed.

For example, some families in the book were older couples who may have been parents to one or more adult children who had families of their own. We would like to know those connections.

In other situations, adult siblings were listed together without parents who may have been put into their own family group. Perhaps the parents are not listed in the book, but there are several married siblings who were. Knowing they were siblings will create fewer, more robust trees, more accurately showing family connections within the community.
This will include connecting a married woman’s parents and siblings when known. And when possible, adding any missing maiden names.

The information from the narratives will be included in the Family Tree facts, as well as any additional information regarding deportation, occupation or any other known fact about a person or family.

The result will be a group of family trees with photos, documents and facts that pertain to each person or family which can be safely viewed and commented on with a special free app on your phone or tablet.

If you have any information you would like to share about anyone included in the book, or are aware of any errors pertaining to someone, now would be the time to reach out to us! Photos, documents, any facts or stories – all of it can be included in the family trees. No fact is too small or unimportant. Each piece of information we collect is of value and will add value to the project.
Committee Update:
New Lawn in the Bardejov Holocaust Memorial
During the month of June 2021, the Holocaust Memorial in Bardejov underwent a complete gardening renovation and replacement of the existing lawn with a new lawn of higher quality and better endurance. Due to the initiative of Mr. Marcel Tribus, Director of Cultural Tourist Centre in Bardejov and the City of Bardejov, we are pleased to welcome visitors to honor the victims of the Holocaust. Our BJPC team could not be more honored and thankful for your support.
BJPC Matzevah Photo Gallery
We are happy to announce that our Matzevah Photo Gallery (formerly Gravemarker Database) has been completely updated to match our new website look. Just like before, each page displays 100 gravestones, but the images and information of the gravestones have been enlarged to increase visibility. A few gravestone photos that were not previously included have also been added. Have a look at the new database via the link below, and please don't hesitate to alert us of any corrections you may know of.
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Every issue, we pick a different family story from our Memorial Book to feature in the newsletter. We do this to continue honoring the memory of our Bardejov ancestors.
Family Story Spotlight
"The Saul and Ružena Edelman Family"
Saul, an auto mechanic, was born in Bardejov; his wife, Ružena, was born in Dubinné. Their seven children and their grandson Adolf, were born in Bardejov. The family lived on Kacvinská Street. On April 8, 1942, Karolína and Jolana were deported to Poprad and then on April 23, 1942, to Auschwitz where they both perished. Saul, Ružena, Berta, and Herman also perished. The fates of Aranka and Adolf are unknown. Izidor and Lenka survived. Izidor returned to Bardejov on May 1, 1945, from his hiding place in the mountains outside of Banská Bystrica. While in hiding he used the name Jozef Spišák. He married, worked as an auto mechanic, and lived on Kláštorská Street.
You may read more about Bardejov's Jewish families in our Memorial Book of Jewish Bardejov
Bardejov Picture Book
Don't forget to send us your photos and documents for inclusion in our new publication! We are continuing to narrow down our selections for the book and would love to receive any more submissions before making our final decisions.

If you have any photos or documents relevant to our work that you’d like to share, please reply to this email or call us at 626-773-8808.

Once we have a deadline for the photo submissions, we will be sure to let you know in advance.
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