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Beith Hamidrash Project - Update
The Monuments Board of Slovakia gave the official permit for archaeological digging on the Beith Hamidrash site—inside and outside of the building. Yet, we could not begin the excavation because of harsh weather conditions in Bardejov. Meanwhile, we have been processing documents which will assist in analyzing the oldest historical structures of Bardejov's Jewish heritage.
We hope to begin the excavation as soon as the snow melts and conditions allow.
Cultural Events in the Synagogue
Since the beginning of April, the newly restored synagogue has hosted a few cultural events:
Bardejov’s Pecha Kucha Night
On Monday April 2 nd , 2018, the Jewish suburbia was opened to the public after a long winter. The opening was marked by an event called “Pecha Kucha Night Bardejov #13” which was organized by 'Kandelaber' - a local nonprofit organization. “Pecha Kucha” is a presentation format known as “20x20” where a presenter shows 20 slides for 20 seconds each, as he or she speaks.
On Bardejov’s "Pecha Kucha" night, ten speakers of various professions presented topics including Slovak history, philanthropy and youth in Bardejov, the renovation of a park in Bardejov’s Spa, historical discoveries in Bardejov’s main cathedral and more. The event attracted about 100 people who enjoyed a cultural evening inside the renovated synagogue.
Ten speakers of various professions shared their short presentations about interesting topics
Kleizmer Performance by 'Solamente Naturali'
On Sunday, April 8 th , a Kleizmer Music band named ‘Solamente Naturali’ performed in the Synagogue for a local crowd of about 100 people. The band's record "Thesaurus" won the prestigious 'Radio Ahead Awards 2016 - World Music's Best Album of the Year'. They performed in Bardejov as part of a tour of Slovak Synagogues, which was also connected to discussions and workshops with students and local communities. The project included 8 concerts which took place in Synagogues in the Slovak towns of Bratislava, Košice, Prešov, Žilina, Kokava nad Rimavicou, Nitra, Lučenec, and Bardejov.  

Click the photo below to watch a short clip of the performance.
Kleizmer Music band ‘Solamente Naturali’ performed in the Synagogue for a local crowd of about 100 people. (Click the photo above to watch a short clip of the performance)
Bardejov Art School Exhibition
On April 5 th , 2018, the Bardejov Art School held an art exhibition on the second floor of the synagogue (the women’s gallery). The children's choir, which participates in our yearly memorial ceremony in Bardejov, performed in the main hall. Having local children display their art in the beautifully restored space of the synagogue exposes children and their families to the treasures of Jewish heritage in Bardejov and the history of the local Jewish community.
The Art School's children's choir
The crowd enjoys a musical performance in the Old Synagogue
Visitors view a large collection of artwork made by students of the Bardejov Art School
The children created artwork focused on various subjects
Media Coverage
A short documentary (12 mins.) produced by the Bardejov TV channel and broadcast on March 16 th , 2018, tells the story of the four Righteous Among the Nations from Bardejov who were awarded by Yad Vashem on January 31 st , 2018. The descendants of the Righteous – three children and one granddaughter – tell the stories of their parents/grandparent, which are also described on page 87 of the Memorial Book of Jewish Bardejov. You may click the link below to watch the documentary; it is in Slovak but we will soon add English subtitles.

In a round table discussion about the tourism development in Prešov County (Bardejov’s region) Peter and Pavol Hudak presented the BJPC's effort to revive Bardejov's Jewish Heritage. The event took place on March 23 rd , 2018, and was held at the initiative of the newly appointed regional governor, Milan Majerský. Activists and stakeholders were invited to present tourism projects that could be supported by the Prešov County regional development. 
Life Cycle
We regret to inform you of the passing of Regina Gottesman (née Fudem). Regina, who passed away on March 2018, was the beloved mother of Shoshana Stadtmauer from New York, who wrote: ...with my mother’s passing [I lost] the last connection that I had to our past in the “old country”. But mother’s courage, determination and will to rebuild her life and nurture our family will stay with me always. She gave of herself tirelessly, sometimes through very difficult times, to me, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. She was elegant, lovely, and gracious and despite all that she went through in her long life (she was just one month short of her 102nd birthday), she maintained optimism and a great sense of humor. She really was a special lady... Ah, amazing what that little town of Bardejov could produce... “

May God comfort the Gottesman-Stadtmauer family during the time of their bereavement, amongst the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.
Our mission is to preserve Bardejov’s Jewish Heritage, memorialize and honor Bardejov Holocaust victims, and conduct educational outreach to school and community groups to teach tolerance and diversity. The Bardejov Jewish Preservation Committee is not funded by any grants and depends solely on the support of generous individuals. 

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