BKR International Worldwide Bulletin
March/April 2020
Letter from the Worldwide Chair
Greetings! I know that many of our member firms are going into a busy time of year, so I will keep my letter short. I was thinking about our theme of  Driven by Innovation…Sustainability for All . It is a theme that encourages individual ideas that lead to successes beyond the individual.

This theme is already evident in our worldwide and regional meetings, practice group and committee activities, and interactive member forums. Individuals come together through BKR to share what they know, learn what they can, and work toward a bright future.

Have You Checked Out BKR's New Website?
We are delighted to announce that our new website is now live.

We have joined together our three regional sites, so all information can be easily accessed and shared across the globe. This is an initiative designed to support our "One Vision, One Voice" promise, with all regions now sharing one online platform.
As well as the new look of the site, we have also enhanced the user experience and developed a new members’ area, which will improve your ability to easily navigate the site and find information.
As always, we welcome your feedback and hope that you enjoy looking through our new online platform.
BKR Welcomes New Member Firm in Belgium
BKR International is pleased to announce the acceptance of  Partners in Accountancy esv (Roeselare, Belgium) into membership.

Partners in Accountancy was established in 2017 to institutionalize the cooperation among several independent accounting firms in Belgium. Partners in Accountancy esv is an accounting and tax firm that also delivers special services, including VAT and legal services, to their fellow members. The firm has one partner and a staff of eight. Their second office is located in Tielt, Belgium.

View the firm's contact information here .
BKR EMEA Regional Meeting to Be Held in Cape Town
BKR's 2020 EMEA Regional Meeting will be held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront in Cape Town, South Africa, from April 24-27.
There is a full business program in store for members on Saturday, April 25, continuing on Monday, April 27, with an exciting social program for members and companions on Sunday, April 26. Tours for companions have been arranged for Saturday and Monday morning. A gala dinner will be held on Saturday evening, as well as an evening meal on Sunday and a farewell lunch on Monday for all to attend.

Host Firm Profile: Logista ( Pretoria)
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) brings with it many changes. Some industries, like the financial industry, can be completely renewed, and many careers we still know today will fall away as new opportunities are again created. 

However, the management of Logista , a successful auditing firm in Pretoria East, are not worried about the changes that this new era will bring. 

Host Firm Profile: Boake Incorporated (Johannesburg )
At Boake Incorporated, its purpose is simple: maintain a high level of consistency and professional standards.

Fifty years ago, Doug Boake started a small practice in the accounting and auditing field. Today, Boake Incorporated has three partners: Graeme Boake, Bruce Boake, and Donovan Fraser. The firm’s partners lead a remarkable team of 45 employees, supported by a wealth of knowledge and keen appetite to provide the finest service to its clients.

Its multitude of services range from audit and assurance, accounting, secretarial, and tax, to specialised projects and consulting.

BKR's Leadership Institute Holds Third Session in Houston
Session three of BKR's Leadership Institute was held at Embassy Suites in Houston, Texas, from January 13-15.

On January 13-14, Consultant Jeremy Wortman presented three consecutive sessions: "Ethics: The Role of You," "Building a Talent Management Strategy," and "Deep Dive into Talent Management: Engaging and Building Talent." On January 15, Bill Penczak , from BKR Member Firm Briggs & Veselka Co. (Houston) presented "Big Fish, Little Pond: Catching Profitable Growth in Middle Market Professional Services."

The fourth and final session of the Leadership Institute will be held on May 4-5 at The Lexington Hotel in New York, New York. More details will soon be available here .
Member Firms Participate in Staff Exchange Program
The exchange between different BKR firms is an enriching experience, not only for those who participate, but for the entire company.

BKF International S.A. Auditores y Consultores (Bogota) was glad to receive Juan Sobarzo  from Ossandón Auditores Consultores (Santiago). Juan came for one month to BKF's offices in Bogota, where he worked with the firm's audit team visiting different companies, and sharing his knowledge and experience.

Borioli & Colombo Associati (Milan) Announces Name Change and New Law Firm
On January 1, Borioli Colombo & Partner Studio Associato Tributario e Societario (Milan), formerly Borioli & Colombo Associati , and the newly established law firm of Bonaccorsi Colombo & Partner, have joined to form a single brand, B&C .

The new entity will be better able to meet the tax, corporate, legal, and compliance requirements of domestic and international companies in most different areas of activity.

Practice Group and Committee Updates
Download the recordings, presentations, and other documents from BKR's recent practice group and committee events by visiting the BKR Meeting Archive here .
Submissions for the May/June 2020 issue of the BKR International Worldwide Bulletin are due by Wednesday, April 8, 2020.
Volume 42 | Number 2