The West Monroe High School marching band is the only Louisiana group scheduled to perform in President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration parade in Washington on Jan. 20, according to a list released by several news outlets. 

The school is known for, among other things,  allowing the Confederate battle flag at sporting events and for its controversial rebel mascot.

U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham, R-Alto, whose district includes the high school, is excited about the local students' opportunity and was planning to contribute $5,000 to the band's inauguration fund. He told The News-Star that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson, should be given credit for nominating the band for Trump's inauguration. Scalise, as a member of the GOP leadership in Congress, has better access to Trump than any other member of the Louisiana delegation. 

This isn't the first presidential parade for the West Monroe band. It also performed in 2005 at President George W. Bush's second inauguration, according to The News-Star


KTRK TV 13 reports that liberals in Houston are calling for customers to boycott a store inside The Shops at Houston Center because the store owner sells Confederate Flag merchandise.

Dorothea Harris is the owner of Designs by Dorli. She said she has been selling confederate-themed items for years. Recently, she has received backlash from some customers.

"Yesterday, two women stopped by raising hell, calling the mall, hitting my Facebook, leaving nasty messages, threats and all kinds of good stuff," Harris said.

She said the manager at The Shops at Houston Center asked her to move the merchandise with confederate flag logos into the back closet for the time being.

Ashton Woods with the Houston chapter of Black Lives Matter said he urges customers to boycott the store and the mall that houses it.  "Anyone who shops there, eats there with their black and brown friends to not go there anymore until that woman takes down her confederate flag," Woods said.

Harris said she moved to the United States from Germany in the '70s and that she views the Confederate Flag as history. "I don't have a dog in the fight, I'm German," Harris said, "I'm not political on that, I mean, to me, it's history, unless you're really ignorant and didn't pay attention in class."

The Shops at Houston Center declined to comment.


Lately, rapper Kid Rock is all about guns, Coors Light, and Donald Trump. He has also been a a longtime celebrity spokesperson for the Detroit Pistons basketball team, and is a frequent fixture at home games.  But Rock is also being accused of racism, with a long-time allegiance to the Confederate flag cited as evidence. Now, t he Pistons are facing heavy pressure to disavow any connection with Kid Rock, based on his association with the Confederate Flag.

The controversy is now boiling over after a recent advertisement for the Detroit Pistons that features Rock.  The ad focuses on the team's relocation back into Detroit, viewed as a positive move towards urban revitalization.  Since the late 70s, the team has played in a suburban stadium, though the team recently announced plans to return to their long-abandoned city.

Sounds like a positive step.  But the high-profile ad, coupled with Kid Rock's aggressive stumping for Donald Trump, is putting pressure on the Pistons alliance. Enter the Michigan National Action Network (NAN), a group applying heavy pressure on the Pistons to dump 'the racist'.  "If you're going to have an entertainer, have an entertainer who doesn't have a history of waving the Confederate Flag," the group stated.  "Reflect the real Detroit, where 85 percent of the population is black."

The National Action Network has created serious problems for Kid Rock in the past.  In 2015, the group pressured General Motors to rescind a lucrative tour sponsorship involving Kid Rock because of his overt celebrations of the Confederate flag.  That has included massive stage backdrops of the flag, among other displays.

The tour sponsorship ultimately remained.  But General Motors insisted that only one flag - the American flag - be displayed.

Also, Kid Rock's celebrations for Donald Trump may be causing additional problems.  The singer recently joined forced with Warner Bros. Records to release a pro-Trump merchandise line, one that blasted Hillary supporters with sexual imagery and profanity.  It was typical 'go f-k yourself' braggadocio for fans, and a great moneymaker for Warner Bros.

Add it all up, and a more divided America is putting pressure on figures like Kid Rock.  And that environment is also putting heavy pressure on artists deciding to jump into politics - pro-Trump or otherwise.

The Detroit Pistons have not responded.


A Federal Judge has sentenced mentally insane Dylann Roof to death for "hate crimes." 


The governing board of South Carolina's Confederate Relic Room isn't giving up on a $3.6 million proposal to expand the state's military history museum and display the battle flag removed from Statehouse grounds in summer 2015.

The board voted unanimously Thursday to "vigorously advocate" for the proposal legislators shot down early last year, when a House subcommittee chairman emphatically refused to use taxpayers' money to fund any of it.

Commissioners say they believe legislators didn't understand the project's breakdown and will stress as they try again that the flag display represents $550,000 of the total price tag - a cost that includes electronic screens scrolling the names of 22,000 South Carolina soldiers killed in the WBTS.

The unanimous vote came after the museum's director suggested displaying the flag in existing office space at an estimated cost of $200,000.  "We're mandated to exhibit it. We need to move forward and not let it sit,"  Allen Roberson  said.

His suggestion involved combining two offices, raising the ceiling and installing glass doors to separate the space from the main gallery. While the flag furled in July 2015 is historically significant as the last Confederate flag to fly on Statehouse grounds, it is not a military history artifact and therefore should not be displayed next to regimental flags that bear the bullet holes, gunpowder residue and bloodstains of battle, Roberson said.

Commissioner  Leland Summers said that display would be a temporary solution.
"I have no qualms about having available to us other contingency plans, but we need to aggressively pursue the plan we already submitted," said Summers, commander of South Carolina's  Sons of Confederate Veterans. "We don't need to sell ourselves short."

Legislators approved bringing down the Flag by passing a law  that specifically sent the flag to the  Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum , which has artifacts from every war South Carolinians have fought in. A separate measure directed the museum's director to estimate costs for the flag's "appropriate, permanent, and public display."

But House leaders balked at the $3.6 million price tag of the board's December 2015 proposal. That included $1.1 million to expand the museum - which is located at the back of the  State Museum building, through a separate door - $500,000 for a new entrance, $850,000 to conserve existing flags and supporting artifacts and $650,000 to exhibit those.

Much of the museum's collections are in storage due to lack of space.

"We're not funding it," then-Rep.  Chip Limehouse, R-Charleston, said at a budget hearing last February. "If we have to delay the display of the flag a few years, so be it."

Instead of spending any money on the flag, the Legislature approved studying the possibility of moving the 121-year-old museum to Charleston. That idea was nixed by Gov.  Nikki Haley's veto.

The museum's leaders said Thursday that legislators never formally approved or rejected their plan.


We received this letter from someone in Hernando, Florida:

My name is James Marshall, and I am a southern history enthusiast. I recently noted in online news the SBC resolution, and found your videos on the issue on youtube very interesting and informative on the subject.

My principal reason I am emailing is because I have not seen anyone point out the obvious truth about the Confederacy, particularly in light of the 2015 Charleston massacre: namely, that the killer in Charleston was interested in inciting a "race war"; which is exactly what the leaders of the Confederacy were trying to prevent in 1860-61. 

A typical reference From William Dwight McKissick, Sr., "The Southern Baptist Convention and the Confederate Flag, " June 7, 2016. I ; "The least that we can do is to repudiate the symbolism (the Confederate Flag) of the spirit that drove his [Roof's] diabolical actions. I'm confident that the majority of the SBC messengers will side on the right side of history, truth and the Bible."

Yet to my mind, the only mid-19th Century "spirit" displayed by Mr. Roof in his rampage for race war is the same which prodded John Brown to his terrorist raid on Harper's Ferry in hopes of inciting a race war in 1859... A spirit the Confederacy was formed to defeat.

Looking at Rev. Palmer's "Thanksgiving Sermon" in late 1860, I discern the popular sentiment of the south that slavery and secession were then the only means on hand to prevent the race war determined upon by the likes of John Brown, and the sectionalism of the Republican party of Lincoln. I gather from his comments (which were substantially paraphrased by Alex. Stephens in his Cornerstone speech of 1861) that he, and those approving his popular message, preferred a struggle over legal principles fought against abolitionists and Lincoln's sectional party over a war with their own slaves.

My point is, when I look at Roof's and Brown's photographs, I see the same look in their eyes, and by their own accounts, they intended the same purpose...even if they bore opposing flags.


I have had some tremendous conversations with our contacts in Havana this past week. In addition to iPads and college curriculum we will also be bringing suits for Cuban pastors, dresses and cosmetics for pastors wives (cosmetics are almost impossible to come by in Cuba and out of reach for most Cubans), and Bibles. God is simply widening our reach every day. 

One of our student's churches has told me that they will take up a special offering for the Cuba Project. Will you prayerfully consider joining us in this bold mission's project? 

Maybe you do not wish to donate an entire iPad but the Lord has laid it on your heart to contribute to this bold and extensive effort. Any gift will be a blessing. Use the banner below to send a gift in any amount to help with Project Cuba:

Chaplain Ed 


In the 1960s social movements that now condemn the Confederate Battle Flag both used and embraced it!

During this period, a radical coalition formed that might seem impossible today: A group of southerners and working-class white activists called the Young Patriots joined forces with the Black Panthers in Chicago to fight what both groups believed to be systemic class oppression.

In the post-civil rights era, a militant Black Power movement emerged, with the Black Panther Party for Self Defense forming in 1966. Inspired by Malcolm X and other international black thought leaders, the group embraced armed struggle as a potential tool against organized racial oppression - a radical break from the philosophy of nonviolent protest. A large faction of the group developed in Chicago, where one of the party leaders was a young man named Fred Hampton.

Chicago in the 1960s was an interesting place. Black, brown and white people all dealt with poverty, unemployment, police abuse, inadequate schools , etc. In response,  ethnic and racial groups each created their own social service and activist networks.

One was the Young Patriot Organization (YPO), which was based in " Hillbilly Harlem," an uptown neighborhood of Chicago populated by displaced white southerners. Many YPO members associated with southern pride, such as the Confederate Flag. But like blacks and Latinos, the white Young Patriots and their families experienced discrimination in Chicago. In their case, it was because they were from the South.

In his short time as a Black Panther leader, Fred Hampton wanted to advance the group's goals by forming what he called the "Rainbow Coalition" (a term that Jesse Jackson wold later steal) of working class and poor people of all races.

Former members of the Chicago Panthers and YPO tell different versions of the same story of how the groups connected: Each attended the other's organizing meetings and decided to work together on their common issues. Over time, the Black Panthers embraced Confederate flags as the ideal sign for rebellion. 

Assumed to be natural enemies, these groups united in their calls for economic reform. 

In the Aug. 9, 1969 issue of The Black Panther newspaper, the party's chief of staff, David Hilliard, admiringly called the Young Patriots "the only revolutionaries we respect that ever came out of the mother country." Recalling his work with the YPO, former Black Panther Bobby Lee explained that "The Rainbow Coalition was just a code word for class struggle."

In the end, the Illinois Panthers brought together various elements of the black community, Confederate flag-waving southern white migrants (Young Patriots), Puerto Ricans (Young Lords), poor white ethnic groups (Rising Up Angry, JOIN Community Union, and the Intercommunal Survival Committee), students and the women's movement. The disparate groups under the coalition's umbrella pooled resources and shared strategies for providing community services.
Former Black Panther Bobby Lee recalled working with the Young Patriots:
"It wasn't easy to build an alliance. I advised them on how to set up 'serve the people' programs - free breakfasts, people's health clinics, all that. I had to run with those cats, break bread with them, hang out at the pool hall. I had to lay down on their couch, in their neighborhood. Then I had to invite them into mine. That was how the Rainbow Coalition was built, real slow."
A button depicts the partnership between the Young Patriots and the Black Panthers.

These same groups, in the name of "social justice" are now calling for the removal of the SAME symbol that, just 50 years ago was the embodiment of their "opposition to the man." 

This amazing bit of history will likely create a renewed interest in our 2-DVD video series Black Confederates. Anyone who donates $10 or more to Dixie Heritage will receive this 2-DVD set in the mail. 

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Our Friend, the famous "Black Confederate," H. K. Edgerton, submitted the following:

2016 marked an escalation on the attacks on the South as those who orchestrated those attacks ( NAACP, Southern Poverty Law Center ) continue to expectorate their false narrative for the causes, and reasons for the War for Southern Independence.

It was a great fear from those that the Honorable General Robert E. Lee surrendered his army to at Appomattox Courthouse , that the African people would continue on the path of social vertical mobility that Southern Whites had set in motion for them in lieu of the world wide economic institution of slavery.

It was the Northern aversion that led their Northern dominated Supreme Court to set in motion JIM Crow ( Colored / White ) at the objection of one lone former Southern Plantation owner who did not believe that the South neither wanted, or needed to do such a thing to its people. General Patrick Ronane Claybourne warned his leaders that should the South loose this illegal war that was forced upon it; that the North would indeed set in motion to inculcate in the thinking process of the nation; that the South was wrong for making an honorable Stand against tyranny as they had done against a King.

He was right , and the North became masters of presenting syllogisms that resonated virtue for themselves in the body politic, and a slew of minacious attitudes always directed towards the Southern woman (total warfare) who is the basis of Southern strength, and counter agent to all the aforementioned actions against the South.

And, while the invaders established the Public School System in the South, and sent its teachers to shame , and disgrace our ancestors; the Southern women knew that this rhetoric had to be expurgated ; so she bravely introduced the books to help our children out of the funk of this inference.

Destitution was not an option for her; forward she moved, and built the Memorial structures to preserve the memory forever of her babies, family members, and those of her friends that she gave up to war . And , in the 21st century mincingly she continues the same. (see United Daughters of the Confederacy ) with no let up on the attacks against her efforts. Thanks Nikki for delivering posthumously to Thadeus Stephens, and Beast Butler their Coup de Grace against our homeland. Your very words : " I had to do something"!

Here is a quick look at some of the evil doings against the South and its heritage and culture throughout 2016: (a) In an attempt to keep a distance from truth, Pam Bondi, the Attorney General for the State of Florida gave an informal interpretation of Federal Law 425, section 10 that clearly states that the Confederate soldier is an American Veteran. That interpretation was enough to keep the Southern soldier from the Florida Veterans Wall of Fame.

(b.) In the dark of the night, members of the Hillsborough County Commissioners would dismiss members and their Design of the Confederate arena in Veterans Park.

(c.) City of Pensacola, Florida would remove the Confederate flag from its outside display depicting the flags of the city.

(d.) Ole Miss. would remove the names of Confederate streets on its campus, and later remove the State flag , and have arrested one its students at a football game for displaying the State flag.

(e.) Mississippi State University would raise funds to expand the Presidential Library of Ulysses S. Grant on its campus. The same man who burned over 42 cities in Mississippi, and who gave the green light to his men to loot, rape, and murder innocent old men women , and children.

(f) Decorated Vietnam War Veteran, Anthony Hervey, a Black Confederate Activist, would be murdered trying to return to Mississippi after speaking in Alabama in support of a Confederate Veterans monument not being remove from a City Park.

(g) A young Policewoman in of all places, Roswell, Georgia, where a large number of Southern women would be removed from a clothes factory, put aboard trains sent North, and upon arriving, put out into the streets, never to be seen again; would be fired because she left the Southern Cross on a Flag pole in her yard that actually belonged to her late husband.

(h) Mimi Elrod, Mayor of the Shrine City ( Lexington, Virginia) and, whose great uncle would give the Oath of Office to the Honorable President Jefferson Davis at his Inauguration; would help write the resolution banning the Southern Cross from City poles during Lee/ Jackson , and Confederate Memorial Day events.

(i) And , lastly in this discourse; the actions of a diffident Nikki Haley after the nefarious actions of Dylan Roof, to serve up the Southern Cross in a false politesse to the African people , while utilizing them as the weapon of choice alongside White folk guilt enactors, and hellion Poverty Pimps that form a pinate to forward this exercise of evil disguised as a means to bring the people of South Carolina, and arguably the nation together.

It is my desire to have the ancestor of Alexander Darnes to present my retired flag to a citizen of Florida upon my return there. God bless you!

Your brother,

H. K. Follows-up with:

I thought I had at least two more weeks of seclusion left. However, it is almost impossible for me to hide anymore, or to stop my flag from insisting that we hit the streets for teaching, and uplifting the spirits of so many.

I would find myself this morning surrounded by several young college students who wanted to know what I thought about Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and also what I thought about the NAACP opposing his nomination ?

My reply was that the NAACP is as bigoted as it gets, and can never miss a beat at race baiting. And has done nothing to advance social vertical mobility for the Black race in over 50 years ; just a bunch of grand standing, and defending thugs. And , that goes for those Black Attorneys who oppose the Senator as well. I believe Senator Sessions will make a great Attorney General was my final comment on the subject.

Several more of my babies would stop and ask of me , if I was going to post the Colors at their schools this year during Black History Month? I told them that they ought to ask their Principals, and teachers to invite me in, so that they could learn something about the Black Confederate soldier, and his family that supported the Confederate Cause against an invading army that had orders to take the theater of war to their home place, with plunder, rape, and murder the orders of the day.

Ms. Jenna would send me a news article about 9 Confederate monuments vandalized in the Confederate section of a cemetery in our State Capitol ( Raleigh, N.C. ) There is no wiggle room for this, and what Dylan Roof did. It only validates in the minds of people who think like him, a sense of justification. And let us not forget what happened to that baby boy in Chicago. My mom used to say that the pot can't call the kettle black. Now, I understand just what she meant.

It is too bad that the South was not allowed to go its own way. When the Honorable General Robert E. Lee signed that treaty at Appomattox Courthouse, he opened the gates of Hell for a lot of Africans who otherwise under the tutelage of their Southern Judeo-Christian families had better days ahead on earth, and in heaven with Jesus Christ .

And, I believe that the example the Southern African would have set for their fellow man would have been glorious for the world to see, and follow; especially as they came out of the world wide economic institution of slavery ; championed by the Judeo-Christian man who had nothing to fear from him. Only wanting to do right by him, because this African stood by him at every junction since he arrived in bondage.

Later to the delight of a nice grey head White lady as I stood in the customer service line to pick up a money order that Ms. Jenna sent to me, I would recite the poem,"I Am Their Flag". The ovation I would get is beyond description. God bless you!

Your brother,
Life Member 
 Judah P. Benjamin Camp 
 Sons of Confederate Veterans

The following have been submitted by our readers:

One of Georgia's two known remaining "Real Daughters" had a nasty fall before Christmas. 

Mrs. Iris Lee Gay Jordan is in her 90's, living in Atlanta and attended UDC meetings with her chapter regularly. She even would go to Georgia Convention if it was near enough for the drive. 

Her husband passed away last year. After her fall, her children have moved her to Florida for rehab. 

She remembers her Confederate soldier father, (who died when she was eight) and last year, she gave an interview to National Geographic on her memories. 

Please keep her in your prayers. She has definitely improved but will need to stay at the rehab center for a while and then be moved to assisted living. 

Submitted by John Wayne Dobson


Why is it that a black congressman can hang a so-called piece of artwork at the U.S. Capitol depicting police officers as pigs, but the Confederate flag, part of our country's heritage, is offensive?

I'm appalled and embarrassed that Rep. William Lacy Clay is representing our country at all. I stand by every law enforcement officer in this country and know others do as well. Every citizen of this country should find this display offensive.

Police officers put their lives on the line for you and me every day of their lives, and this trash is considered appropriate to be hung in our nation's Capitol? I don't know how Rep. Clay can even look a police officer in the face and not hang his head in personal disgrace.

To law enforcement around this country, I apologize for this behavior.


May 10 is S.C. Confederate Memorial Day.


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The Ft. Lauderdale Shootings 
by Dr. Chuck Baldwin 
There was another mass shooting in a gun-free zone: this time in the Ft. Lauderdale airport in Florida. As I have said repeatedly, the most dangerous place in the world to be is in a gun-free zone. An example is the heavily gun-controlled city of Chicago. In a place where very few good guys are legally allowed to possess a firearm, some 762 people were murdered during 2016. That's over two per day.

And true to form, the mass shootings in Ft. Lauderdale make no more sense than any of the other mass shootings in this country--except that they took place in a gun-free zone, of course. Here's what we've been told:

A 26-year-old Hispanic guy flies all the way from Alaska to South Florida. But after he arrives in Ft. Lauderdale, he decides to go into an airport bathroom, take out the handgun he had lawfully checked onto the plane, and without saying a word start shooting people in the baggage claim area, killing five. After he runs out of bullets, he calmly lies down on the floor and waits for authorities to take him into custody. Authorities never fire a shot.

The man was a U.S. veteran who was a member of the Alaska Army National Guard and had served a tour of duty in Iraq. Now get this: last November, the man walked into an FBI office in Anchorage and told them that the Army had forced him to submit to mind control programs that included pumping him full of ISIS videos. He also said that the military was trying to force him to fight FOR ISIS. He further said that he was sickened and guilt-stricken at the numbers of innocent children in Iraq that the U.S. military was killing through all of its drone, missile, and bombing attacks, to the point of it affecting his emotional stability. Of course, we are told he was dismissed as a wacko and drummed out of the Army.

His family testified to the mental and emotional changes that this man had undergone after his tour of duty in Iraq. By the way, he worked as a security guard and carried a handgun in the performance of his duties.

As happens so very often in these mass shootings, initial reports from eyewitnesses said there were multiple shooters at the scene, but authorities later declared the man acted alone. This happens in almost every mass shooting.
Again, nothing about this story makes any sense. But I get it: this was another "deranged" madman, so nothing has to make sense. How convenient. Or, as many Muslim-hating "Christian" writers and talking heads are now saying, the guy was a Muslim terrorist. So, THAT explains it. Brains in neutral; think no further.

Based on a photo of the alleged handgun used by the shooter, the gun looks to be a Walther PPS 9mm. This gun has a single stack magazine and holds seven or eight rounds. These are not high-capacity magazines by any stretch. Early reports said that the shooter did NOT reload. Later, however, reports said he did reload.
By the number of people hit, it seems obvious that the shooter did reload at least once--if he was the ONLY shooter, that is. If the shooter only reloaded once (as some eyewitnesses say), this was still an extraordinary display of handgun accuracy. A total of thirteen people were shot, and five of them were killed. That means this man fired sixteen shots and thirteen of them hit a person and five of the thirteen were kill shots. That was very good shooting given the fact that people were not standing still. They were moving and moving quickly. They were panicked; they were running; dodging; weaving; diving; seeking cover; etc. Granted, one of the five killed was elderly, which would have impaired her mobility. But unless some of the others had physical handicaps, they would have certainly been able to move fast enough to make themselves difficult targets. You handgunners know how difficult it is to be accurate with a short-barreled handgun when shooting in a no-stress environment at a stationary target. Throw fast moving targets and the stress of shooting at live human beings into the mix, and accuracy becomes extremely difficult.

For a real-life comparison, an investigative study by the New York Times found that in actual, real-world shootings, from a distance of zero to six feet, police officers hit the bad guys only about 40% of the time. Did you get that? Trained police officers from a distance of zero to six feet (that's called bad breath range) only hit their targets four out of ten times.

If this shooter in Ft. Lauderdale was truly alone, his accuracy ratio was MUCH higher than trained police officers, and he would have been shooting at much greater distances. If he reloaded once, his accuracy was 81%. If he reloaded twice, his accuracy was 54%. As you can see, we are supposed to believe that this man was much, much better with a handgun than professional police officers. And before you cite the man's military training as making the difference, unless the soldier is in Special Ops or has a duty-specific need for advanced handgun training, the primary weapon a soldier or Marine is trained with is the battle rifle, and their training with a handgun is minimal. Of course, the presence of a second or third shooter at the Ft. Lauderdale airport would significantly help explain the number of killed and wounded.

If the shooter truly acted alone, it is much more plausible that he reloaded more than once--which brings to surface another problem. In the length of time that an active shooter is calmly walking around shooting people and taking time to reload his handgun, how is it that NO airport security personnel managed to get there in time to engage the shooter? By the time any police officer or security personnel arrived, the shooter was out of bullets, had dropped his handgun, and was lying prostrate on the floor waiting to be taken into custody. Come on! You folks have flown in and out of these big international airports. They are crawling with armed security. But somehow, this man was able to calmly walk around shooting people, even taking enough time to ostensibly execute several reloads, and NO ONE arrived in time to engage the guy.

Ladies and gentlemen, neither scenario makes any sense. NONE!

Watch this though: as sure as anything, more restrictions (or even a total prohibition) will be placed on the transporting of firearms on commercial airliners (except for government employees and their bodyguards, of course). Plus, this shooting also provides momentum for the anti-gun zealots in Washington, D.C., (in both parties) to squelch a certain effort by pro-gun members of Congress to pass a national concealed carry reciprocity bill that appeared inevitable given the results of the November elections. All bets are off now.

Here we go again. The one common denominator of all of these "random" mass shootings is more and more gun control and less and less freedom.
This will also fuel the accusations by anti-gun leftists against our military combat veterans that they are mentally ill. A PTSD diagnosis of combat veterans is a tool of big-government toadies to deny veterans their Second Amendment liberties. No doubt, this shooting will be used as justification for denying more combat veterans of their right to keep and bear arms. They will say this shooter in Ft. Lauderdale was just another mentally ill war veteran, and, therefore, they will tend to adjudicate more and more war veterans as being mentally ill.  
But the vast, vast majority of our combat veterans are NOT mentally ill. What they are is grief-stricken and guilt-ridden at the acts of horror that they have both witnessed and been forced to participate in by a blood-thirsty, conscienceless Congress and war department. This is easily understood when one recognizes that we are losing far more combat veterans to suicide than we are to enemy fire.
"Confirming once again that war, to those who are sent to fight them, is absolute hell, newly released Pentagon statistics show that suicide--not combat--is the leading killer of US troops deployed to the Middle East.

"According to a report in USA Today this week, of the 31 troops who have died as of Dec. 27 in Operation Inherent Resolve, 11 have taken their own lives. Eight died in combat, seven in accidents and four succumbed to illness or injury.
"These new numbers confirm a trend that's been in place since the beginning of the prolonged occupation of the Middle East.

"Earlier this year, the DoD released a similar report from 2014 that revealed some startling numbers. In all of 2014, a total of 55 US troops, in both hostile and non-hostile situations, lost their lives in foreign occupations. The number of soldiers who killed themselves was nearly 5 times that amount.

"According to the DoD report, in 2014, there were 269 deaths by suicide among active component service members (compared to 259 deaths by suicide in 2013)."
"In war, human lives become units to be traded as a commodity to aid in the expansion of the State. When they are no longer deemed useful, these human lives are then tossed out like yesterday's garbage.

"Treating human beings in such a brutal and inhumane manner is not without consequence.

"Not only are active duty soldiers tragically ending their own lives at an increasing rate, but once they finish their service, these numbers skyrocket.

"In a 2012 report put out by the Veterans Administration, it was estimated that up to 22 veterans a day kill themselves. That is 8,000 lives a year--almost one per hour."
The report goes on to say:  "If you really want to 'support the troops' you'll stop supporting wars of aggression in distant lands in which Americans are forced to kill people who pose no threat to the US.  If you really 'support the troops' you'll stop blindly standing up for your government whose proven track record shows that they do everything but support the troops.  If you really support the troops, you'll educate yourself on who is behind these wars, why they are waged, and how US foreign policy actually creates enemies. ISIS would not exist had the US not remained hell bent on overthrowing the Assad regime for the benefit of special interests in DC.  Pledging blind obedience and unquestioning support for wars that one's government illegally wages at the expense of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers, is the antithesis of what a free person should do--and anything but 'supporting the troops.'"

As for the Ft. Lauderdale shootings, it has all of the earmarks of another MK-Ultra-type false flag event. It might absolutely scare us silly if we really knew how many Manchurian candidates the government has walking around out there.

Folks, I do NOT trust federal authorities (or their puppets in the mainstream media) to tell us the truth about much of anything. Most everything the federal government tells us is a deliberate, bald-faced lie.

The reports about mind control programs conducted by the U.S. military and CIA are well documented. It makes sense to me that this man could have been truly subjected to mind control programing that included being programmed to commit acts of terrorism on behalf of ISIS. After all, our military Special Ops and CIA have been actively and deliberately working on behalf of, and in support of, ISIS for years.

It also makes sense to me that this man could have been overwhelmed with feelings of guilt and shame at the reality of watching hundreds--maybe thousands--of innocent little children being killed in the U.S. bombing raids in Iraq to the point that--coupled with the mind control programming he had been subjected to--he wound up doing exactly what the U.S. government had programmed him to do. Eyewitnesses may have also truly seen a second or third shooter: a specially trained killer whose job was to make sure the patsy fulfilled his assignment and to also make sure there was a sufficient death toll. A man who then simply disappeared like a ghost into thin air leaving the mind-controlled patsy to take all of the blame. These highly skilled, professional killers have no problem disappearing after a killing, because they have all of the backup they need from whichever government is sponsoring them.

Just how many of these mass killings are indeed the work of wicked and murderous assassins within our own government who manipulate distraught, disillusioned, mind-controlled patsies in order to saturate the country with more and more fear and anger, we will never know.

Each time one of these tragedies happens, liberals are left with more and more fear and anger against guns; and conservatives are left with more and more fear and anger against Muslims. All the while, the New World Order neocon globalists who are the masterminds behind these brilliant conspiracies achieve their desired objectives with the attitudes and reactions of both liberals and conservatives.

Conspiracy or no conspiracy, this much is an absolute fact: gun-free zones are great places to get shot.

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park invites the public to attend a 90-minute, two-mile walking tour of Chickamauga Battlefield on Saturday, Jan. 21 at 2 p.m.

Participants will meet at the Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor Center and caravan to the Snodgrass Cabin (Tour Stop 8), where they will walk to various points along the bottom and top  of Horseshoe Ridge.

"Visitors will explore a part of the battlefield that often remains unseen - the terrain affecting the  actions that prevented Confederate troops from capturing Horseshoe Ridge on the afternoon and  evening of Sept. 20, 1863. This walking tour will take advantage of the lack of foliage to view  the terrain features that played such an important role in the battle.  A good understanding of the ground often determines who will win and who will lose in a battle, and it also plays a big role in being able to understand the events and stories that occurred on a battlefield many years later," a Park Ranger said.

Participants are encouraged to come learn about how the landscape shaped the Battle of Chickamauga.  Participants should wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. Water is also recommended.

For more information about upcoming programs at Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military  Park, contact the Lookout Mountain Visitor Center at 423-821-7786 , the Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor Center at 706-866-9241 , or visit the park's website at


Hosted by Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp # 2218
The Camp of the Unknown Soldier
Old Clinton, Jones County, Georgia
Thursday, January 19, 2017 @ Chevy's Pizza -  300 W Clinton St, Gray, GA
(478) 986-9800 (our usual meeting location).

Dinner: From 6pm - 7pm: Order individually from the menu.

Dress: As you prefer.

Program: Begins at 7pm and features our guest speaker, Colonel (ret.) Steve Smith


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