BLS Classes Near Me
No one expects cardiac emergencies to occur, however a lack of readiness to react impactfully to these events is dangerous. Though it may seem intimidating, you have the power to save a life. All you need is the right training. For this reason, Premier Health & Safety Academy provides adult and pediatric life support training courses. Specifically, the American Heart Association’s Basic Life Support (BLS) program trains participants to identify specific life-threatening situations, to develop basic defibrillator skills, and deliver impactful chest compressions and ventilations.  

Participants of this course first learn through both simulations and other exercises. Next, students take part in skills practice and skills testing. Finally, course participants complete a written exam. Whether you need to reach a required certification for work or school, or just want to learn these essential skills, Premier Health & Safety Academy has the resources for you. So check out the online calendar on  to find BLS classes near me that fit into your busy schedule.  

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