April 29, 2021

Important AP Information:

AP exams begin next week! AP exams scheduled for May 4-May 17 are in-person and are taken in a pencil-paper format. The only exams that are given in-person are Calculus BC, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Spanish, French, and Latin. All other exams are completed digitally at home

Students testing in-person should bring the following items on exam day:
  • Several sharpened No. 2 pencils for all multiple-choice answer sheets. Please no mechanical pencils. 
  • Pens with black or dark blue ink
  • A calculator with necessary capabilities for the Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, or Statistics exams.
  • A ruler or straightedge if you are taking an AP Physics exam
  • Snack/water

Please do NOT bring the following to the exam site:
  • No cell phones, or any personal digital assistants.
  • No books, compasses, colored pencils, dictionaries, highlighters, or notes.
  • No rulers or straightedges (except for the physics exam)
  • No scratch paper
  • No computers or calculators unless otherwise noted above
  • No smart watches or analog watches that beep or have an alarm
  • No portable listening or electronic devices

Students testing in person must arrive in the small gym 15 minutes prior to exam time and students must log in 30 minutes prior for Digital Testing on exam day: by 7:45am for in-person morning administration; 11:45am for the afternoon in-person administration. 8:30am for digital testing at home or 12:30pm for afternoon digital testing. Review the exam schedule carefully. Students will not be dismissed until an exam has officially ended. Late students will not be allowed to test. 

Students who are sick or are excluded at the time of their in-person exams may not test on the regular exam day. You must contact Lauren McBride to arrange a digital make up exam at a later date. 

If your child does not intend on taking their AP exam for any reason, please contact Lauren McBride prior to test day. No refunds are given for those who no show or opt out at this late date. No make up test will be offered to those who do not attend on their regularly scheduled exam, except in the case of verified illness or athletic competitions that are approved by Ms. Cavilia.
Students Taking Digital Exams
Students in other subject areas are completing AP exams digitally at home. Students MUST complete this step below to get ready for their digital AP Exams:
Download and install the 2021 AP digital testing application and log in. Click HERE to download the app on your computer that will be used to take your digital AP exams.
Failure to complete this step prior to test day will result in your exam being cancelled per College Board policy.

Detailed information about these steps is available in the updated AP Digital Testing Guide (.pdf/21.5 MB). 
Please take a look at our AP testing FAQ page HERE for some important updates!
Attention Juniors and Seniors Signing Up for TMCC Dual Credit Courses:

If you have not already enrolled in TMCC, the online Permission to Enroll form is now available on the Jump Start website. Students must have a TMCC ID number to complete the form. The student's name and birthdate need to be identical to the information the student provided when they applied to TMCC for admission. The form will be automatically sent to their high school counselor for approval. Failure to complete this process on time, may prevent you from enrolling in dual credit course in fall. 

Below are some tutorials to assist with the Jump Start Enrollment Process:

The Permission to Enroll form is also available in Spanish HERE. TMCC Dates and Deadlines for Jump Start Program TMCC's Monthly Newsletter-March 2021
Attention Seniors:

Seniors who selected independent study on their course request form must submit the completed form to your counselor as soon as possible. Failure to complete the packet may result in dropping you from the course. Click HERE to apply.
Attention Parents of Seniors:

Please take a picture and email a copy of all college acceptance and scholarship award letters to Lauren McBride as soon as possible.
Course Changes:

Thank you for submitting your Course Request forms to select your classes for next year. The school bases its course sections and class size counts on the number of requests received for each course. Therefore, it is imperative that your course requests demonstrate a commitment to the classes you chose. 

If you or your child are discussing a potential class change, please contact your counselor as soon as possible. Once sections are established by administration in spring, movement to other classes may be limited or impossible to avoid overcrowding in a particular class. Schedule change requests should be finalized prior to May 29th.  We highly encourage any course add/drops to occur prior to summer break. 

Counselors will not be available over summer, so any schedule change requests received after May 29th will not be reviewed until Tuesday, August 6th. Schedule changes will be completed on a drop-in basis beginning on Tuesday, August 6th.  Please understand that schedule changes will only be made for academic reasons, and not to accommodate teacher preferences.

College Fairs & Visits
Virtual Campus Tours
Spring and summer of your junior year is the best time to visit schools you may want to apply come fall. With COVID-19 and costs as significant factors that may impede your ability to travel, you may benefit from taking a virtual tour. Below is a list of schools in the Western states that Bishop Manogue students most commonly apply to each year:


Arizona Schools


California Schools

Colorado Schools




Hawaii Schools

Idaho Schools








Montana Schools


New Jersey

New York

North Carolina



Oregon Schools




Utah Schools



Washington Schools

Washington D.C.


Wyoming Schools

Student Opportunities
Nevada Girls Math Tournament
Georgetown University's Pre-College Online Program

Georgetown University is launching a Pre-College Online Program to offer courses that enable high school students 13 and older to explore subjects they may wish to study in college. Click here to find out more!
Virtual Engineering Camps at UNR

This summer, UNR is offering a Virtual Engineering Everywhere, Level 1 camp for 12-14-year-olds and a Virtual Engineering Exploration, Level 2 camp for 15-18-year-olds. These camps are introductions to engineering and include many of their engineering majors. They utilize Zoom, FlipGrid, pre-recorded videos, and live interactive sessions for participants. Find out more on their website!
Harvard International Relations Scholars Program

At the Harvard International Relations Scholars Program, admitted students will learn from workshops led by Harvard professors and experienced policymakers, government officials, and regional experts. Confirmed experts already include the President of Brookings, U.S. Ambassadors, and senior White House officials. More information can be found on their website: harvardforeignpolicy.org/harvardirscholarsprogram. The early application deadline is April 1st; final deadline is May 1st. 
Seniors Interested in Medical Careers and Phlebotomy

The Medical Skills for Life Institute offers a 13-week Phlebotomy/Lab assistant course, 4
days a week, 3 days on line for 4.5 hrs a day in the evening 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm, and one
day on-site for testing/hands. They also offer CPR classes and 12 L EKG 4 day program.
They are an institute partnered with Join.org for financial aid to those who qualify.MSFLI also offers interest-free in-house loans that can be paid off with a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment plan, for those who do not qualify for financial aid. Students wanting to enroll in MSFLI must be at least 18 years of age, possess a state ID and have a HS diploma or equivalency. Click HERE for more information.
Lathrop-Capurro Internship

Apply here for the 2021 Lathrop-Capurro Internship Application for college-bound seniors interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree in wildlife management, biology, ecology, or a closely related field.

Barney Bell Scholarship

Golfers! This scholarship is for you! Apply here.
Dylan Rutherford Scholarship

The Dylan Rutherford Scholarship is still open! Apply here.
MyMozaic Scholarship

The MyMozaic Monthly Scholarship is titled "$1,000 A Portrait of You." It is awarded monthly with a $1,000 award amount. It requires no essay, no GPA, and no letters of recommendation. Read the official rules here, and apply here.
NAHAS Scholarship Endowment

Seniors Attending UNR, Check out his scholarship: NAHAS Scholarship Endowment
Inspection Support Network Scholarship

ISN is offering a $2,000 scholarship for high school seniors. The application dates are:

Spring Contest Cycle: April 17 - July 17
Summer Contest Cycle: July 18 - October 14
Fall Contest Cycle: October 15 - January 15
Winter Contest Cycle: January 16 - April 16

You can find all the information related to the scholarship here.
Healthcare & Nursing Students of Historically Underrepresented Groups

The Scholarship for Healthcare and Nursing Students of Historically Underrepresented Groups can be found HERE.
Scholarships App

Scholars App has continued to look for new and upcoming scholarships. For this month, they've created a PDF of scholarships that are available for students and added it to a Google drive.
A Portrait of You Scholarship

Award Amount: $1,000
Award Frequency: Monthly (12 Awards a Year)
No essay, GPA, or letters of recommendation required.

Italian Catholic Federation Scholarship
Click HERE for more information.
Sons of Italy Western Federation Scholarship
Click HERE for more information.
The Upsolve Access to Justice Scholarship
Find more information HERE.
OverAchievers Scholarship
Applications are now on available HERE.
UNR Computer Science National Council for Women in Technology (NCWIT) Scholarship

Check it out HERE!
48 Scholarships with no GPA Requirement

Check it out HERE!
32 Off-beat Scholarships that May save you Money

Check it out HERE!
23 Community-Service Scholarships and Grants for 2020-21

Check it out HERE!
26 Amazing Merit-Based Scholarships for 2020-2021

Check it out HERE!
18 Scholarships for Asian-Americans

Check it out HERE!
Creighton University ROTC Scholarship

Check out the Creighton University ROTC Scholarship HERE!
TMCC Nevada Promise Scholarship

The TMCC Nevada Promise Scholarship Application is now open for the class of 2021!
Students have the opportunity to complete an associate degree program, a bachelor's degree program or a certificate of achievement at close to no cost to the student, if they meet program requirements. Please go to nvpromise.tmcc.edu for more information.

  • TMCC’s Nevada Promise Scholarship application is now available
  • The Nevada Promise Scholarship provides students a last-dollar scholarship to cover registration and mandatory fees not covered by gift aid. Please visit our website for more information. 
  • The Nevada Promise Checklist provides detailed information about each required step to earn a Nevada Promise Scholarship. 

  • Nevada Promise Application Tutorial 
  • We are virtually available to help! Please share this application tutorial with students to assist them in applying to the Nevada Promise Scholarship.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

  • Haz La U Program
  • Provider: The Hispanic Heritage Foundation and Colgate-Palmolive
  • Amount: Varies
  • # of winners: Varies

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