April 26, 2020

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Thank you to those of you who completed our Virtual Learning Feedback Survey. We are happy to hear that the majority of our families have found this to be a positive transition and we are extremely grateful for your patience, understanding, and grace as we navigate the remaining days of the school year. 
Based on your feedback, we recognize the need to incorporate time into our school schedule to allow for catch up time, schoolwork, and importantly… a break from screens. Additionally, for the students taking AP exams in a new format beginning May 11, we want to provide time for them to prepare as best they need with individual help and review sessions. 

Effective May 4, Bishop Manogue will now adhere to the following schedule to assist our families, and continue delivering the high-quality instruction that has been recognized in our community: 

Bishop Manogue Catholic High School Instruction Schedule
May 4-May 22, 2020

Daily Schedule Monday - Thursday:

8:00-9:00 Period 1 (Mon & Wed) / Period 5 (Tues & Thur.) 
9:00-9:15 Break
9:15-10:15 Period  2 (Mon & Wed) / Period 6 (Tues & Thur.) 
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-11:30 Period  3 (Mon & Wed) / Period 7 (Tues & Thur.) 
11:30-11:45 Break
11:45-12:45 Period  4 (Mon & Wed) / Period  8(Tues & Thur.) 
12:45-1:30 Lunch
1:30-3:00 Virtual Parent/Student Meetings, office hours, daily Miner Block
All assignments given are due by the end of each day or by the next class period. 

Friday Schedule: 
8:00-11:00 Miner Block Day
Virtual Parent-Student meetings

Virtual Miner Block Friday
We will offer a Miner Block Friday opportunity for students in need of extra help. It would carry the same expectations as a regular Miner Block and be done virtually.  AP students may also access the Miner Block Friday as a way to help prepare for upcoming exams. 

Miner Block will be divided into four segments of time. Each content area will be provided a segment of time to establish a Google Hangout where Miner Block would take place. This will allow students and parents to prioritize their time and get help where needed. Miner Block will be divided into the following time blocks: 

9:30-10:00-Foreign Language
10:00-10:30-Social Studies
10:30-11:00-other classes/Electives

The week of May 25- May 29 will be a support week. Any student who would like extra help to catch up in material before grades are finalized can ask a teacher for a meeting or join a teacher's posted ‘Review Class.’ There are no official final exams.

Please feel free to contact a member of our administration or your child’s counselor with questions regarding this new schedule format. 

Thank you, 

BMCHS Administration

Bishop Manogue Virtual Learning Resources
These pages are updated often with recent announcements, schedule information and frequently asked questions.
Virtual Mass

While we are unable to gather for Mass in person, Father Tom will be broadcasting virtual Masses for us to partake in from home. Below you will find the Mass from Thursday, April 23. They can also be found on our Virtual Campus Page .

Tune in to https://www.youtube.com/user/DioceseofReno for broadcasts from the Diocese of Reno.

For Students
Prom TikTok Challenge!

Send in your Prom Video and win a prize! It can be a TikTok or video and examples include:
dance with your parents, fancy dinner at home, Prom "Ask," or getting ready. Must be appropriate and clean - no explicit lyrics or references. All submitted videos will be placed in a bracket and voted on by students. The winner for juniors will win Prom tickets for 2021 and the senior winner will receive a $50 gift card. All videos are due by Thursday 4/30 and can be submitted to shelly.gamble@bishopmanogue.org or can be uploaded to this Google Drive Folder.
AP Testing FAQ

Please take a look at our AP testing FAQ page  HERE  for some important updates!
Senior Slideshow Submissions

A small glitch with the email has been resolved and now the Senior Slideshow submission email is up and running! Let's capture some of your favorite Bishop Manogue memories! Please submit photos and videos to  seniorslideshow@bishopmanogue.org. Maximum 3 photos per graduating senior. Due to time constraints, all photos may not be included.
Tim Walsh Memorial Scholarship

The Tim Walsh Memorial Scholarship is still available for all graduating seniors. Apply HERE.
Virtual Bible Study

Every Thursday at 2:30 pm Campus Ministry will be hosting a Virtual Bible Study!
All students are welcome!
Students can participate by joining the Campus Ministry Google Classroom. Every week the Google Meet link will be posted for students to join. The Google Classroom code is: ogh2de3
Email allison.klekas@bishopmanogue.org with any questions.

For Parents
Senior Day for Spring Sports - Photos Needed!

Parents - the Athletics Department will be having a Senior Day for Spring Sport Athletes during the week of May 11-15. One sport will be highlighted each day. If you have any photos of your senior athlete that you would like to be included, please email them to Shelly Gamble at shelly.gamble@bishopmanogue.org .
Course Changes

Thank you for turning in your Course Request forms to select your classes for next year. The school bases its course sections and class size counts on the number of requests received for each course. Therefore, it is imperative that your course requests demonstrate a commitment to the classes you chose.

If you or your child are discussing a potential class change, please contact your counselor as soon as possible. Once sections are established by administration in spring, movement to other classes may be limited or impossible to avoid overcrowding in a particular class. Schedule change requests should be finalized prior to May 29 th .  We highly encourage any course add/drops to occur prior to summer break.

Counselors will not be available over summer, so any schedule change requests received after May 29 th , will not be reviewed until Tuesday, August 4 th . Schedule changes will be completed on a drop-in basis beginning on Tuesday, August 4 th .  Please understand that schedule changes will only be made for academic reasons, and not to accommodate teacher preferences.

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