December 13, 2020

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Information About Finals Week

Dear BMCHS Families,
The countdown to finals week is on! Like all things this year, finals week is going to look a bit different. Due to COVID restrictions, we are unable to offer our traditional two major exams (each exam lasting approximately two hours) each day with release before lunch. Instead, we will end our semester with the normal Miner Block and Friday schedule and students will complete a regular assessment or alternate form of assessment to demonstrate mastery level knowledge.  

The 2020 version of finals week is as follows:
Teachers will be informing students about what they are doing in the final block periods by the end of this week. For each day from 12/11 through 12/16, Miner Block for all students will be by appointment from 1:30pm - 2:30pm. We cannot stress enough the importance of Miner Block. We want students who are missing an assignment, who missed points on a test, who need help preparing for an essay or test to attend Miner Block and get the help/work/points they need to have the best semester grade possible. It is like a true Grinch Christmas story; we do not normally extend deadlines or allow late work. We have had to adapt with COVID and online so please encourage your son or daughter to take advantage of this! We also have Miner Block after the final block periods are done. If a student has to miss a final period for whatever reason, we have this time to recover the work they missed prior to finalizing grades. 
Have a blessed Christmas, Miners. In this unprecedented time, we still have each other and we happen to think you are amazing. We are thankful for all of you and wish you a wonderful time with family and friends (virtual or in-person).  
Merry Christmas!

For Students
It's Scholarship Season!

Scholarships for the 2021-22 school year are open! The deadline to apply for all scholarships is January 10, 2021. All students are welcome to apply, whether you are new to Bishop Manogue in the fall of 2021, are a returning student, or a Senior graduating in 2022.

All applicants (except Seniors) need to fill out the BMCHS General Scholarship Application. You can access the application on the website below.

To be considered for any need-based scholarships, please complete the FACTS Grant and Aid Application first. Parents will need to have their 2019 tax returns and copies of their W-2’s in order to complete the FACTS Application.

Seniors will need to submit individual applications for each Scholarship posted. You can access the application at the link below.

To view and apply for scholarships, please visit:

Thank you! Best of luck! 
Online Driver's Ed

Check out TMCC's online driver's education program! Find out more HERE.

For Parents
Senior Tributes

Senior Parents/Guardians,
The Christmas break is a great time to pull together a yearbook Senior Tribute for your child!

Remember the deadline to submit Senior Tribute photos, messages and payment is Friday, January 15, 2021. Check out to find out how.

We have a finite number of pages set aside for tributes, so we may not be able to honor late requests. 

If you have any questions or problems, contact Jackie Cavilia at or 775-336-6017
Attendance Reminder

Please email to ensure that Mrs. Paine is notified of all absences, tardies, and whenever a student needs to leave class early. She must be contacted via email at this time.

Students cannot tell their teachers that they will leave class early without Mrs. Paine's confirmation.

Team Managers Needed

Hello Miners! Our sports seasons are right around the corner. The schedule will be different than any other time, but this gives us the unique opportunity to get involved! Sarah Smith (your Athletic Trainer.. also known as Coach Hadicke) is looking for students interested in being a team manager. This position needs to be filled for every single sport and it is a great time to learn how to contribute to your school! No athletic or sports med experience is needed. Just the desire to get immersed in a sport you enjoy and becoming an invaluable member of a team. Please email her ASAP at She will be scheduling a zoom meeting in order to give detailed information and answer any questions you may have. Go Miners!
Hello Manogue Parents,

Have you completed Athletic Clearance for your child yet? If not, NOW is the time! Find out how at

With our seasons condensed due to COVID-19, it's more important than ever not to wait until the last minute.

Winter sports are scheduled to begin January 2, 2021, followed six short weeks later by Fall sports, with Spring sports just six weeks after that. That's a SPRINT, and we want all of our athletes to hit the ground running--cleared and ready to participate the moment they are allowed.

You'll find complete instructions at, and if you have problems or questions, contact me!

Jackie Cavilia
Assistant Athletic Director

D.O.R.S. Recipients Show Gratitude

Here are some words of gratitude from Diocese of Reno Scholarship Recipients! Congratulations to these these Miners, and thank you to the Diocese of Reno for providing this incredible opportunity.

"Thank you for the D.O.R.S. It helped me become a better, more mature young Catholic man. I can lead my life wherever with a good head on my shoulders, so thank you!"

"Catholic education is very important to our family. We want the kids to grow up not only academically successful, but also physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually balanced. In a Catholic school, they are not only educated but also challenged to make decisions and actions that are centered in Christ. We promise to fulfill our service hours not because it is a requirement, but because it is our way of giving back for this blessing."

"I promise that I will do my best to get good grades. I will do everything to make this opportunity not go to waste and I will make you very proud of me!"

"Thank you for giving our daughter the opportunity to have the best education... a Catholic education!"

"I am finally a senior at Bishop Manogue, and I am disheartened to say that this will be my last letter to you all. I have realized that your financial help has been a hidden light in my life. Until this year, I never knew how heavy the weight of bills could be, and without this scholarship, I am not sure how we would have survived. Despite all of the things happening in the world, I want to continue being active as a student. I found my home at this school, and even though this is my last year, I still want to make my mark. Thank you for being part of my history..."

"I know that this D.O.R. Scholarship will truly change my life! I promise that I will do my very best and not make you regret your decision of choosing me for this scholarship."

Support the Diocese of Reno HERE!

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