September 13, 2020

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  • PERIODS 1-4 (A-LARR)

  • PERIODS 5-8 (A-LARR)

  • PERIODS 1-4 (LARS-Z)

  • PERIODS 5-8 (LARS-Z)

  • PERIODS 1-4 (LARS-Z)
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Office hours are 7am-3pm, Monday-Friday.
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Dear Manogue Families,

Thank you for being so supportive of our policies and keeping your students home when there is the potential for illness. We GREATLY appreciate it! As we enter cold/flu season and just plain TIRED season, we are seeing our numbers of students who choose to be virtual even on their on-campus days increase. If you could please let us know your child is going to be virtual during their on-campus day, that would be a tremendous help in our tracking. Before, we were able to make all of the calls to verify if parents knew their child was TEP (Virtually Present). With our increasing numbers, we are unable to do that as efficiently as we were in the first weeks. You can either call 775-336-6020 and leave a message or email

Thank you so much!

For Students
School lunches can be paid for in cash or loaded onto the student's lunch account. Find out how to add to their account HERE.
Contact Cindy Merritt with any account questions.
Miner Block

Students and parents, please use the Miner Block Request Form to meet with teachers during Miner Block. Requests for the week must be made the Wednesday before; any requests made after that day may not be honored. Any requests that are not submitted through the Google Form will also not be accepted. This helps with contact tracing and ensuring teachers maintain small group sizes during Miner Block. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

Find more information about Miner Block HERE.

For Parents
Virtual Back to School Night

Check out your student's teachers and what they have planned for the year at Virtual Back to School Night!
Sophomore Contact Information

Sophomore parents! Michelle Pane is running Junior Assembly this year and is seeking sophomore information (student name, parent name, phone number, and address). If you DO NOT want this information released, please let Bonnie Hansen know by Wednesday, September 23.
Virtual Attendance Code

We use two codes to indicate present students this year - Present or TEP. If you see TEP on your son/daughter's record, that indicates a day he/she was present virtually. This is still counted as fully present. It gives parents and administrators a way to track who is on campus on any given day for contact tracing and safety. Stay safe Miners!

Campus Ministry
Boys Retreat

Sign ups are now taking place for the boys retreat!

The boys retreat is September 26th and will be a one-day retreat at Manogue from 9 am - 5 pm. It is open to all grades and the cost is $50. There will be a special virtual guest speaker, Jason Evert, a world-renowned Catholic speaker.

Permission forms can be found HERE, or they can be picked up from the Campus Ministry office or your student's religion teacher. Space is limited.
Monday Morning Masses

There will be morning mass every Monday at 7:10 am in the chapel. Attendance will be capped at 50 students, and only students will be allowed, as we will not be able to accommodate family members or visitors. If students would like to attend, please check in through the main doors. Students will only be allowed in the building early for mass.
Sacrament of Reconciliation and Adoration

The Sacrament of Reconciliation and Adoration will be offered every other Wednesdays from 1-2 pm. See Ms. Klekas for questions.

Fall Pre-Season

The pre-season athletic schedule and coach list for fall 2020 can be found HERE!

Hiring Opportunities
BMCHS Custodian

Spread the word! Bishop Manogue Catholic High School is seeking an afternoon shift custodian. This is a year-round, full-time, non-exempt position with full benefits. Prior school custodian experience preferred. For details or to apply, please visit our website: or call Marion Hammond at 775-336-6011 for more information.

Community News
Chop Stop

A new healthy fast food restaurant is opening this month at the SouthTowne Crossing Shopping Center! Chop Stop will be a great part-time job option for students looking for flexible hours.
Check out their website for more information at

Service Hours

Reno Alliance
Still want to volunteer during Quarantine? You can! Reno Alliance is looking for High School Students who would be interested in offering virtual tutoring for Elementary and Middle School students. Find out more HERE!

School Lunches
We need parent volunteers for school lunches! Volunteers will need to undergo COVID-19 training and contact Bonnie Hansen at (775)336-6000 or Greg at (775)336-6098 to confirm availability.
Remember, the Diocese of Reno has mandatory requirements for volunteering at all Diocesan schools, including Bishop Manogue, and you cannot earn service hours until those requirements have been met. Contact Bonnie Hansen at  or 775-336-6000 with questions.

Parents will have to enroll in Protecting God's Children through Virtus and stay up to date on monthly bulletins for two years. After the two years, you have completed all the necessary bulletins. This transfers over from any of the Diocesan schools. If you are still receiving bulletins after two complete years, contact Elda Juarez at  to be removed from the update list.

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