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    April 2017
Annual Meeting Abstracts Due in 6 Days, on April 26 

The 2017 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting will take place this October in Phoenix and we will be accepting abstracts for the meeting starting March 1 with an April 26, 2017 deadline.
Please visit the Annual Meeting Website for more information about submitting your abstracts and about the meeting.
The October 11-14, 2017 meeting in Phoenix promises to be a dynamic and informative event. It will include an exciting set of tracks, symposia, career events, networking opportunities and more.  

Frontiers in Medical Devices Conference: Early-Bird Registration Expires April 26   
The Conference theme for the 2017 meeting is Innovations in Modeling and Simulation: Advancing Translational Science. Programming will highlight exemplary applications of computational modeling and simulation from initial disease diagnosis through long-term follow-up and rehabilitation.

When: May 16-18, 2017
Where: College Park, MD (College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center at the University of Maryland

CLICK HERE to register

Visit the conference Website for more information.


Discounted room rates EXPIRE TODAY (April 21).

Click here to reserve your room. 

Worcester Team Grows Heart Tissue on Spinach Leaves    
Establishing a vascular system to create full-size tissue, bone and organs is still a challenge for researchers, according to a Worcester Polytechnic Institute announcement. 

"Current bioengineering techniques, including 3-D printing, can't fabricate the branching network of blood vessels down to the capillary scale that are required to deliver the oxygen, nutrients, and essential molecules required for proper tissue growth," according to the article. 

To solve this problem, a multidisciplinary research team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Arkansas State University-Jonesboro have successfully turned to plants. 

The initial findings were published online in the journal Biomaterials.

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2017 BMES Professional Development Archived and Upcoming Webinars 

The BMES Professional Development webinar series is a valuable benefit the Society offers members. The webinars will help you be successful regardless of your membership level. Take a moment to review the featured information below and visit the  BMES Education E-Learning   website today to view the full webinar schedule and list of archived webinars available to members.
Archive Now Available
The webinar will identify best practices for research between engineers and clinicians, and provide scenarios where modeling and simulation relates to clinical practice. The speakers will discuss what it takes to develop relationships in the clinical arena. The speakers will also cover standards and best practices for the classroom. The webinar will address how modeling and simulation can be better taught in the curriculum, especially tying to clinical outcomes. Access the Archive today!
Archive Available
This webinar features presentations from two BMES members, Mansoor Nasir, PhD and Donald Gaver, PhD, on programs including entrepreneurship and design. The first presentation highlights how entrepreneurial minded learning can be embedded into the biomedical curriculum with class examples of modules. The second covers an Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Bioinnovation, a program that cultivates trainee's abilities to develop clinically relevant biomedical technologies and devices leading to marketable products. Undergraduate and graduate students will benefit as well as faculty and educators. Access the Archive today!
BMES will be launching several other new professional development webinars this year, including topics on:
  • Launching a Start-Up from a University Research Lab - May 2017
  • BME ABET Program Criteria and Assessment - August 2017
  • How to Engage Industry More Effectively with Local Chapters - September 2017
  • Best Practices and How to Sustain a BMES Student Chapter (featuring 2017 Chapter Awardees) - October 2017
  • Connecting Leaders in BME with Underrepresented Groups - November 2017
All webinars are free to BMES members, so take a moment to visit the  BMES Education E-Learning   website to learn more about all the professional development webinars offered by BMES. If you are not a BMES member, join now   to take advantage of this educational member benefit!  

You only have a few more weeks to submit your award applications and nominations! Remember the deadline is May 15, 2017.

  • Robert A. Pritzker Distinguished Lecture Award 
  • Diversity Lecture Award  
  • Rita Schaffer Young Investigator Lecture Award  
  • Distinguished Achievement Award  
  • Career Development Awards
For more information on these awards, including how to submit a nomination or apply, visit .

Please read each award description carefully as award requirements and amounts have changed for some awards.

Stacey Finley Wins Award for Mathematical Model Work Related to Cancer Research 

Stacey Finley was awarded the inaugural Leah Edelstein-Keshet Prize from the Society of Mathematical Biology for research to develop a mathematical model to understand the role of angiogenesis in cancer.

Finley is a Biomedical Engineering Society Member and a Gabilan Assistant Professor at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. 

According to a university article about Finley and her work, angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels from a pre-existing network of blood vessels, typically a normal and healthy biological process. 

Finley explained that angiogenesis is exploited in cancer because a new network of blood vessels can deliver nutrients to a tumor, helping it flourish. In effect, preventing angiogenesis could potentially stop tumor growth in its tracks. 

To that end, Finley prepared a computational model of a human patient with breast cancer, focusing on a growth factor that mediates angiogenesis known as vascular endothelial growth factor or VEGF.

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Report On Integrity In Research Released By National Academies 

An update of a 1992 report on ensuring the integrity research has been released by The National Academies Press.

The new report-Fostering Integrity in Research-aims to uphold the integrity of research by all participants to ensure that the research enterprise advances knowledge.

Biomedical Engineering Society member Robert Nerem chaired the committee that produced the report.

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Technology Developed At MIT Could Detect Ovarian Cancer Months Sooner Than Today's Methods 

Ovarian cancer tumors could be detected 5 months earlier than is possible with today's blood tests using technology developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, according to a university article.

The research is detailed in a Nature Biomedical Engineering journal article. According to the abstract, "The ability to identify cancer lesions with endogenous biomarkers is currently limited to tumors 1 cm in diameter."

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Waugh Named Interim Dean of The Faculty Of Arts, Sciences & Engineering 

Richard (Rick) Waugh will serve as the University of Rochester's dean of the faculty of Arts, Sciences & Engineering through June 30, 2018, the university announced. 

A BMES Fellow and past president, Waugh, has more than 35 years of academic and leadership appointments at the University of Rochester

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Student Symposium planned by Virginia Tech - Wake Forest Chapter 

The 16th annual School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences (SBES) Graduate Student Research Symposium is being held at The Inn at Virginia Tech on Wednesday, May 10. 

This year's symposium, hosted and organized by the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest BMES chapter, will bring together over 100 students from the Virginia Tech and Wake Forest campuses to present on topics ranging from Biomaterial Development and Cancer Biology to Medical Device Design and Multi-Scale Biomechanics.

Each year, this event is a great opportunity to promote collaboration between both campuses within the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest SBES department.  

The day-long event, co-sponsored by the national BMES organization, will feature over 25 oral presentations by graduating M.S. and Ph.D. level students and over 70 posters presented by non-graduating students.   

Additional information can be found at:
Duke University Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Graduate Section 

Duke BMES Graduate-Undergraduate Mentoring Program  
Spring Semester 2017

In this program, we paired graduate student volunteers with undergraduate students based on their career goals and interests. Group dinners were offered for all mentors and mentees. The goal was to provide mentorship and professional development support for students, and  to offer networking opportunities within the department. Through this program, members of the undergraduate and graduate chapters were able to build substantive relationships while seeking and receiving appropriate guidance.  The Duke BMES Graduate Section Executive Board consists of: Lisa Cervia (President), Daniel Adrianzen Alvarez (Vice President), Ravi Chowdhary (Chief Technology Officer), and Mounika Vanka (Chief Financial Officer). For more information:

Lunch with Distinguished New Faculty  
Spring Semester 2017

Graduate students in BMES had the opportunity to have lunch with new distinguished faculty in the BME department who expressed  interest in getting to know students and listen to their ideas. Lunches took place in The Commons in the West Union. Thanks to Dr. Joel Collier, Dr. Jonathan Viventi, and Dr. Michael Lynch for their valuable discussions over a great lunch! The Duke BMES Graduate Section Executive Board consists of: Lisa Cervia (President), Daniel Adrianzen Alvarez (Vice President), Ravi Chowdhary (Chief Technology Officer), and Mounika Vanka (Chief Financial Officer). For more information:

Alumni Panel Dinner and Networking Symposium  
Friday, March 31st at 6:30pm

Duke Masters and PhD alumni in fields related to biomedical engineering were invited to return to Duke to serve on a panel during dinner. Panelists discussed how they utilized their experiences at Duke to transition into positions in industry and academia. Following dinner, we hosted a casual networking session outside the auditorium to provide a more comfortable setting to ask specific questions to alumni and exchange business cards. The Duke BMES Graduate Section Executive Board consists of: Lisa Cervia (President), Daniel Adrianzen Alvarez (Vice President), Ravi Chowdhary (Chief Technology Officer), and Mounika Vanka (Chief Financial Officer). For more information:

Graduate Student Poster Symposium Breakfast  
Friday, April 7th at 10am-12pm 

Graduate students presented posters to practice their presentation skills and to communicate their research to friends and peers during a catered breakfast with BMES giveaways. This event was hosted before the Masters poster defense day so that students could practice their presentations and receive feedback in a comfortable setting with their peers prior to their final poster defense. The Duke BMES Graduate Section Executive Board consists of: Lisa Cervia (President), Daniel Adrianzen Alvarez (Vice President), Ravi Chowdhary (Chief Technology Officer), and Mounika Vanka (Chief Financial Officer). For more information:

BMES Undergraduate Design Competition: Apply Now

All BMES student chapter members engaged in student design projects are encouraged to enter the undergraduate design competition. 

All design team members must be BMES student members and chapter members in good standing. The top 6 proposals will be chosen and those teams will be given an opportunity to present their work via oral presentations at the BMES 2017 Annual Meeting in Phoenix.

This is a great opportunity for students to showcase their undergraduate design work and present their innovations at BMES 2017 Annual Meeting and network with product development and design professionals in BME.  

Prizes will be awarded.

For questions or additional information on applying, please contact Liz Da Silva,

Application deadline is 11 p.m. EST on May 31, 2017.  Late applications will not be accepted. 

SMDP MedTech Training Session Applications Due July 31

Post-baccalaureate, graduate or Ph.D. students and Post-Doctoral researchers from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in the medical technology, biotechnology and consumer healthcare workforce, including Hispanic Americans, Pacific Islanders, African Americans and Native Americans are encouraged to apply for SMDP MedTech training session.

The session will be held in the Fall 2017 in San Jose.
Applications are due July 31.
SMDP is a one year career mentoring program that pairs ethnically diverse students (Post-baccalaureate, Master or Ph.D.) and early career researchers with industry mentors who work at companies in the medical technology, biotechnology and consumer healthcare industries.

With their mentors, Scholars attend a 5-day training session to learn about career opportunities in industry and receive career development coaching. They also attend a major industry conference.

BMES Chapter Development Reports due June 1st 2017

Submissions are being accepted now! 

Chapter Development Reports can be submitted any time prior to the June 1st deadline. All BMES student chapters are encouraged to submit a Chapter Development Report annually. 

The BMES Chapter Development Report (CDR) serves as a tool by which student BMES chapters can monitor and assess their progress on an annual basis, as well as a mechanism for BMES to monitor the operations and activities of student chapters throughout the Society. 

BMES Student Chapters submitting a yearly CDR are eligible to apply for BMES Grant Funding for their programs.  For additional questions or information on applying, please contact

Industry Briefing

BMES Industry Events/Programs

The co-sponsored BMES/FDA Frontiers in Medical Devices conference returning to Washington, D.C. from May 16 th - 18 th. For more information, click here.

The Biomedical Engineering Society recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Arizona Bioindustry Association for the 2017 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, AZ. BMES and AZ Bio will host a joint welcome reception at the beginning of the meeting and will partner on a variety of sessions, including Venture Capital pitches, an Entrepreneur Boot Camp, and company tours.

Industry chapters host quarterly events to promote local networking and professional development. For more information on events, click here. For more information on joining or starting an industry chapter in your area, click here.

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