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Early August 2018
Employer Responsibilities 
for PPE

OSHA Standard 1910.132 sets out the requirements for personal protective equipment (PPE). As part of our annual review of the most recent OSHA citation data for the LBM sector, here are some key takeaways to help focus you on the requirements for personal protective equipment. 

1. Assess the workplace for hazards present or likely to be present which require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). See 1910.132(d)(1).

2. If hazards that require the use of PPE are present or likely to be present -
  • YOU MUST PROVIDE and employees must use the type(s) of PPE that will protect them against the hazards identified. See 1910.132(d)(1)(i).
  • You must communicate the selection decision to each affected employee. See 1910.132(d)(1)(ii).
  • You must make sure the PPE properly fits each affected employee. See 1910.132(d)(1)(iii).
3. Verify your hazards assessment in writing, including the workplace evaluated, the person certifying the verification, and the dates of the hazards assessment. See 1910.132(d)(2).

4. You must train each affected employee -
  • When PPE must be used. See 1910.132(f)(1)(i).
  • What PPE is required. See 1910.132(f)(1)(ii).
  • How to don, doff, adjust and wear the PPE. See 1910.132(f)(1)(iii).
  • What the limitations of the PPE are. See 1910.132(f)(1)(iv).
  • How to care, maintain and dispose of the PPE when its useful life has expired. See 1910.132(f)(1)(v).
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(Source:  NLBMDA Workplace Safety & Risk Management Newsletter , June 2018)
National Lightning Safety Awareness
Image result for lightning

It is "officially" Summer and we are definitely feeling the heat. During the summer months, there is an increase in pop-up thunderstorms. According to the NOAA National Weather Service, approximately 1,800 thunderstorms occur at any given time. This results in roughly 16 million thunderstorms a year.

The National Lightning Safety Council was established in hopes of promoting lightning safety and awareness. Each year they recognize National Lightning Safety week as a great way to educate the public. This year the awareness week occurred June 24th - 30th, but the information is still relevant.

Since starting in 2001, U.S. lightning fatalities have dropped from approximately 50 per year to 30. It's believed the reduction is due to a better awareness of the dangers.

For more information click here.

(Source:  ARC Electric Company E-news, June 2018)
Responding to Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are the two most dangerous heat-related illnesses, according to OSHA.

The body cools itself naturally by sweating, but when heat and humidity are high, sweating may not be sufficient. This is when problems occur.

Body temperature can rise to dangerous levels, OSHA states, if actions such as drinking water or resting in a shaded area or an air-conditioned room aren't taken to cool down. Employees at risk for heat-related illnesses include outdoor workers (although certain indoor jobs can be hot enough to result in a heat-related illness), workers performing heavy tasks and workers wearing bulky protective equipment.

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(Source:  Safety+Health magazine, August 2016)
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November 7: BMSA Executive Committee & Board of Directors Meetings
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