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February 2016
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Forklift & Yo u Training

P urchase the  Fork lift and You Online Training Course today! From now until April 30 , BMSA members can get individual course licenses to the Forklift and You Online Training Course at a discounted rate of ONLY $50.00 per employee. Click here to make your purchase today .
LBM dealers are required to train their forklift operators initially and then every three years to comply with OSHA standards.     
The Facilitator Guide
If this is your first time purchasing an online course license you need to purchase the facilitator guide. The facilitator guide has a purchase price of $25.00 for members and $50.00 for non-members. Click here to purchase this downloadable guide.
2016 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo

Mark your calendars for March 9-11, 2016 and attend the 2016 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo happening at the Greater Columbus Convention Center! Don't miss out on:
  • Education to keep workers safe, healthy and on-the-job
  • Expo Marketplace to simplify safety product purchases
  • Free continuing education credits
  • Medical and Health Symposium
  • Safety Innovations Competition
  Registration opened in January. Admission is FREE.

(Source: Ohio Workers Bureau of Workers Compensation)
Cyber-Crime is Scary and Expensive

Business owners today understand the tremendous benefits of using the internet, computers, and technology in their everyday operations. Unfortunately, all that technology can open the door to some very serious cyber threats. Every business that is "plugged in" is a target for criminals to steal, spy, and cause major disruption.

Cyber threats can be a major blow to a company's financial and operational well-being. They can also expose businesses to non-criminal risks, such as privacy requirements, damage to technology assets, and liability for damages caused by inadvertent injury to others. These cyber risks can be just as severe as the typical property, liability, business, auto, and workers compensation exposures. Click here to read more.

(Source: Federated Insurance)
Tips to Handle Conflict in the Workplace
No matter where you work there is bound to be someone at some time that you just have trouble getting along with no matter what you try. It is a fact of life that often different personalities will clash with each other or you will have different ideas on the way a job should be handled.
Handling conflict in the workplace is a topic that should be covered at least once for all employees. It is important to be informed on how you should handle conflict in the workplace. 
Three easy rules to remember:
  • Keep your head. This means try not to lose control during a conflict. You should never yell or become physical with a co-worker. Stay as calm as possible and try to talk out the problem.
  • Define the problem. The only way to resolve an issue is to know what the problem really is. Is the person truly mad or upset for the reason you believe or are there other issues that are also a factor? Many people have a hard time separating work and home life. This often leads to home issues making a problem for them in the workplace.
  • Take responsibility. While you may feel it is not your fault the conflict has occurred, that simply is not true. Each person involved is there because their actions had some type of consequences that added to the conflict. Taking responsibility for your wrong doings will help others step up and admit their faults as well.
(Source: Workplace Safety Experts)
Purchase the Newly Updated Safety, OSHA & DOT Manual Today!

This manual is designed specifically for the Building Material Industry to keep your business in compliance with OSHA's latest regulations. The updated manual covers everything from: general safety rules, forklift safety, hazard communication, emergency plans, personal protective equipment, workers compensation, fleet safety, OSHA regulations, safety recognition programs, and much more. Click here to read more about the latest manual and purchase yours today!
Calendar of Events 
March 16-17: Installed Sales Roundtable (South Bend, IN)

March 17-18: Basic Blueprint Reading and Material Take-off (Worthington, OH) 

April 18-20: NLBMDA Legislative Conference (Washington, DC)

April 20-22: CFO Roundtable (Charleston, SC)

April 21-22: Sales Manager Roundtable (Asheville, NC)

April 24-26:
Roundtable 1 (Atlanta, GA)

May 4-6:
Roundtable 3 (Olympia, WA)

May 16-17: Emerging Leaders Roundtable #1 (Roanoke, VA) 

May 18-20: Roundtable 7 (Charlotte, NC)

July 28-31: BMSA's Summer Conference (Virginia Beach, VA)

September 29-30: Leadership Development #2 Roundtable (Roanoke, VA)

October 25-27: NLBMDA ProDealer Industry Summit (Charleston, SC) 
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