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January 2018
OSHA to Employers: Injury, Illness Summary Must be Posted by Feb. 1

Employers  required to keep and maintain an OSHA 300 injury and illness log must publicly post their  300A summary sheet from Feb. 1 to April 30.

Form 300A summarizes work-related injuries and illnesses recorded in 2017. OSHA states that the summary must be posted in work areas where employee notices are customarily placed.

The agency notes that employers with 10 or fewer employees or who work in certain low-hazard industries are  not required to post the summary.

( Safety+Health Magazine , January 2018)
The Secrets to Keeping Workers Safe on Short-Term Projects

The new year can bring additional short-duration or evolving work projects and, with them, a heap of unique obstacles to safety. Whether it's a construction site, a turnaround project or a cleanup, many short-term projects involve a lot of different employees with multiple layers of work, innumerable employees in constricted spaces and deadline pressures to navigate. The threat of serious injury and exposure rises rapidly in these situations as we struggle to get all the different players on the same safety page.

In the past, we've thrown orientations and additional inspectors at these worksites to try to prevent injuries and fatalities. But experience tells me there may be an even better way to increase the behavioral reliability at these sites.

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(Source: Jim Spigener, chief client officer with DEKRA Insight,  Safety+Health Magazine, December 2017)

Slip and Fall Accidents

Although it varies by industry, claims made by businesses for slip-and-fall accidents account for more than 20 percent of general liability claims each year, and have an average payout of more than $20,000. Every business has the potential to experience these incidents, but the retail and commercial industries are often prime targets for slips and falls, most likely due in part to their frequent interaction with the public. 

Likewise, certain times of the year also seem more prone to slip and fall incidents, such as colder months and the autumn and winter holidays. The causes definitely vary, but three particular circumstances commonly increase a business's risk.

Courtesy of Federated Mutual Insurance Company, your association's recommended insurer.

Keep Your Fleet off the Side Lines!

Learn how to keep your fleet up and running  at this year's  BMSA Building Product Show with expert advice from Todd Olney, President of ARM Transportation Risk Management Services, LLC. 
Get an in-depth look and hands-on approach to some of the toughest D.O.T. topics, such as driver qualification records, hours of service, vehicle maintenance and accident record keeping.

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