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May 2017
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TW Perry named Tim Giles as general manager of their branch in Silver Spring, Md.

Epicor announced the availability of BisTrack Delivery for Apple iOS devices. The app allows drivers to log the details of a delivery in case there are any questions over materials delivered, location, etc.

Huttig Building Products announced an agreement with
American Fasteners Co. , expanding their fastener offering. More . In other news from Huttig, they announced an agreement with Canadian manufacturer Duchesne et Fils Itee, expanding the fastener offering at Huttig.  Huttig also announced a national distribution agreement with Knauf Insulation. 
Shareholders from
Independent Builders Supply Association approved a $2 billion merger.

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance announced two new members for its board of directors, Cally Fromme a nd W. Craig Myers.
Congratulations to Adam Champer and Brandon Leynaud. They were chosen to receive BMSA's 2017-2018 scholarship awards. Each will receive $1,000 towards their education. Adam Champer is the son of John Champer of BMSA member Crowl Lumber Company in Malvern, Ohio.  
Brandon Leynaud is the son of Tim Leynaud, who works for BMSA member Boise Cascade in Marion, Ohio.   

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(Source: NLBMDA)

Calendar of Events
July 27-30 : BMSA's Summer Conference (Virginia Beach, VA) 

September 25-27: CFO Roundtable (Albany, NY)

September 27-29: Leadership Development Roundtable 2 (Charleston, SC)

October 8-10: Roundtable 1 (Hilton Head, SC)

October 8-10: Roundtable 3 (Charlotte,NC)

October 17-19: ProDealer Industry Summit (Phoenix, AZ)

October 23-24: Leadership Development Roundtable # 1 (Charlottesville, VA)

October 25-27: Sales Managers Roundtable (Gatlinburg, TN)

November 1-3: Roundtable 7 (Nashville, TN)
 OSHA Suspends Rule to Report Injury Data Electronically

The Labor Department suspended an Obama-era rule requiring companies to electronically report their injury and illness records last Wednesday. This effectively keeps these records from being publicly disclosed for the immediate future.

Several business groups, including the Associated Builders & Contractors, Associated General Contractors of America and the National Association of Home Builders, challenged the 2016 Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule in court and lobbied the administration to abandon it on the grounds that it could unfairly damage the reputation of some of their members.
Between 1995 and 2012, OSHA required about 180,000 establishments in high-hazard industries to submit the summary data by mail. But the program cost $2 million a year to run, and officials decided to expand the requirement and transition it to an electronic system instead. Read more
(Source: Washington Post, 5/19/17)
  Fun, Sun & BMSA's Summer Conference
BMSA's Summer Conference is always a Special Event for Dealers, Suppliers and their families! It's a time to visit with our industry's best suppliers and see their new products and services. It's a time to exchange information and share ideas. It's also a chance to spend time with your family and industry friends.

Our theme this year is Jimmy Buffet's  "Changes in Latitudes,Changes in Attitudes !" From the business meetings to the sporting and social events - this meeting has been planned for you! Virginia Beach is a popular spot and rooms run out quickly so please get your reservation made right away! Below are the links for information and forms. 

Wyndham VA Beach Hotel Booking Link
3 Ways Hackers Get Into Your System

Cyber crime is going low-tech. Turns out it's easier to trick a human than hack through a network's firewall. That's why cyber thieves are changing their tactics. They're using scams traditional criminals have relied on for years.


Pretexting means the criminal pretends to have an existing relationship with the victim or someone the victim knows. The traditional version sounds something like this: "I saw Bob this morning and he wanted me to drop off these boxes. Could you let me into the warehouse?"

Phishing (pronounced "fishing")
In phishing scams, the criminal tricks victims into divulging personal information by pretending to be from a trusted organization. Traditional con artists use the same tactic in fraud schemes: "This is Michael from the IRS. There is an error with your tax return, and we need to verify your ID. Please tell me your DOB and social security number."

Dancing Pigs
The idea is based on a statement by digital security expert Edward Felten: "Given a choice between dancing pigs and security, users will pick dancing pigs every time." In other words, if we want to see a funny video, most of us click "Ignore" on the security warning. Read more.

(Source: Greg Mooney, DMSi)
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