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November 2018

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* The National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association (NLBMDA) honored John Smith for his contributions to the association and the lumber and building materials industry during the NLBMDA Installation Dinner on October 17 in conjunction with the ProDealer Industry Summit held in Chicago, Illinois.
Smith is currently President and CEO at Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Company (PLM) and has been with the firm since 1998.

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Calendar of Events


February 4:
Introduction to Building Material Sales
(Hickory, NC)

February 5:
BMSA Executive Committee & Board of Directors Meetings
(Hickory, NC)

February 5-6:
2-Day Estimating Seminar
(Hickory, NC)

February 6-7:
BMSA's Learning Exchange and LBM Expo
(Hickory, NC)

February 7:
Advanced Estimating Seminar
(Hickory, NC)

February 7:
Spruce Users Group Roundtable
(Hickory, NC)

February 7-8:
Managers Roundtable
(Hickory, NC)

March 7-8:
Installed Sales Roundtable
(Warner Robbins, GA)

March 11-15:
Yard & Delivery Manager Seminar
(Roanoke, VA)

March 11-15:
Leadership Graduates Roundtable #1
(North Charleston, SC)

March 11-15:
Leadership Graduates Roundtable #2
(North Charleston, SC)

March 14-15:
Operations Manager B Roundtable
(North Charleston, SC)

March 20-22:
CFO Roundtable
(Scottsdale, AZ)

March 21-22:
Operations Manager A Roundtable
(Cashiers, NC)

March 27-29:
Roundtable #3
(Greenville, SC)

April 1-3: 
NLBMDA Legislative Conference
(Washington, D.C.)

April 7-9: 
Roundtable #1
(Charlotte, NC)

April 15-17:
2-Day Estimating Seminar
(Columbus, OH)

May 1-3: 
Roundtable #7
(Richmond, VA)

July 25-28:
Summer Conference (Myrtle Beach, SC)
Silver Tsunami Turns Gold
Projections on how the demographics on the U.S. will change over the next 30 years and what retiring millennials will mean for the residential construction sector.

Much has been written about how baby boomers are retiring, but this so-called silver tsunami extends beyond the rock-and-roll generation. The U.S. Census Bureau predicts that, based on its 2017 national population projections, around 2035 the number of people in America older than 65 for the first time will outnumber those under 18. One out of every five Americans will be at the traditional retirement age.

And the trend won't stop. By our target date of 2048, even millennials will begin to retire. Meanwhile, the nation's population growth will slow down, as the baby boomers die at rates faster than new births can replace their numbers. The country will keep growing, the Census Bureau predicts, but mainly through immigration, not reproduction.

The graying of America has already prompted increasing interest in universal design, a set of principles that goes beyond helping the elderly to embrace people's needs at all ages and physical abilities. Walk-in showers are an example. So are grippable towel racks, door handles instead of knobs, and path lighting that automatically comes on when the need arises in the middle of the night. Best Buy's "Assured Living" package calms nervous children by helping them keep track of their elderly parents' activities, sleep patterns, and general wellness.

Read more here.

(Source: Craig Webb, ProSales magazine, October 2018)

Prices for Lumber and Other Construction Materials Fall in September 
The Bureau of Labor Statistics' Producer Price Index report indicates lumber prices are down while the overall index for residential construction inputs has risen.

Input prices for residential construction goods input prices increased 0.2% in September, reversing course after declining each of the two previous months, the  Produce Price Index report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows. The index for inputs to residential construction has risen 5.2% in 2018 and is up around 10% from January 2017.

Despite the rising index, prices of several construction materials, including lumber, OSB, and gypsum, fell during the month of September. The BLS's monthly report continued to capture the decreases in prices paid for softwood lumber that began in mid-June. Softwood lumber prices were down 0.4% during September. Despite this trend, the average price paid for softwood lumber in 2018 remains the the highest on record, according to Random Lengths data. The overall price of softwood lumber is 5.4% higher on a year-over-year basis.

Read more here.

(Source: Architect magazine , October 2018)
OSHA Announces Upcoming Changes to Crane Rule

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has announced it is finalizing changes to the  certification requirements for crane operators established in the 2010 rule. OSHA is keeping the November 10 deadline for companies in the construction industries that are subject to the rule to comply with the crane operator certification requirement.

Under the rule, operators must still be certified by type of crane. That means that if a company is currently covered by the rule, it is required to have its operators certified by November 10. This is not a new requirement. It has been in place under the original 2010 rule and extended twice. OSHA's revision to the rule will not extend the November 10 compliance date for operator certification. Additionally, based on its pre-published guidance, OSHA states that it will delay enforcement for only the new verification and training requirements. Given the uncertainty that has existed around the certification requirement and anticipation of OSHA's revisions, it is not clear how soon or vigorous OSHA will enforce the November 10 certification date.

NLBMDA will send a detailed analysis of the revisions, including the new training and evaluation requirements, to its members in the coming days after the final rule is published in the Federal Register.

Read the full press release here.

(Source: NLBMDA E-Update, November 2018)


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