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November 2017
Electronic Logging Device  
Requirement Begins on Dec. 18
Starting on December 18, 2017 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has mandated that all trucks operating in Interstate Commerce on public highways be equipped with electronic logging devices. In most cases the states have followed this guideline and have also mandated the use for intrastate use as well.

As with most regulations, there are some exceptions. And for many of the members BMSA these exceptions/exemptions may apply:

1) Vehicle model is older than 2000. These vehicles are exempt as the Electronic Control Module on the engine will not be compatible with the ELD system.

2) Driver of vehicle over 26,001 pounds requiring a CDL is being operated strictly within a 100-mile radius of the company facility and the driver starts and stops work at the same location each day and the driver does not work a day longer than 12 hours and the company can produce a time card showing the time the driver started his day, when he ended his day and the total hours on duty for the day. These records must be kept for 6 months.

3) Driver of vehicle under 26,000 pounds where the driver does not have to have a CDL license, is operating within a 150-mile radius, is not working over a 14-hour day, starts and stops his work day at the same location and the company can produce a time card showing time the driver started the day, when he ended the day and total hours worked. These records must be kept for 6 months.

4) If a driver noted in (2) or (3) above is required to go outside the allowed mile radiuses less than 8 times in a consecutive 30-day period, then the driver may continue to use paper logs on those days, rather than being required to have an ELD in the truck.

These exceptions can be found in Part 395.8.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, February 7, 2018 when Todd Olney will give an in-depth two-hour presentation on DOT and FMCSA changes and regulations at our Building Products Show in Hickory, NC.

(Source: Todd Olney, Transportation Risk Management Services, November 2017)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Winter

It shouldn't be surprising that weather-related auto accidents account for a lot of insurance claims every year.

No matter where you do business, every state, including southern states, experience periods of severe winter weather. Commuters and employees who drive as part of their job face driving risks every day, but especially in harsh weather.

Keep an Eye on the Sky
Roads covered with ice, snow, sleet, heavy rain, or freezing rain can affect vehicle traction, handling, and even visibility. These best practices may help you and your employees prepare for winter road hazards.
  • Remain alert for scattered slippery spots, especially on bridge decks and overpasses. Frozen slush can produce ruts that can "grab" the vehicle's wheels and affect steering.
  • Adjust speed to compensate for road conditions. Snow and ice dramatically increase the time and distance a car or truck needs to maneuver and stop.
Read more.
(Source: Federated Insurance.) 
Driving Fatalities Biggest Threat to Most Employees

The biggest threat to your employees' lives is tied to your workplace environment, though the deaths do not occur at work but rather en route. Driving fatalities are "the biggest thing that gets people killed in this country and it's been so for a while," says Jerry Laws, the editor of Occupational Health & Safety, a Dallas, Texas-based magazine.
Often overwork, sleep deprivation, and cell phone usage are behind these deadly accidents.Policies dictating safe cell phone use can help reduce crashes.
Here are three more sources of potentially fatal accidents your employees could get into and how to prevent them.
(Source: Article by Josh Spiro on, published May 2010.) 
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