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September 2016
  Employee OSHA Training DVD for
Product Label Elements & Safety Data Sheets
Are you in compliance with OSHA's revisions to the Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom) to align with the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS)? The revisions require employees potentially exposed to hazardous materials be trained on the new labeling and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) requirements . NLBMDA offers a 15-minute training DVD that dealers can use to train their employees on the new requirements.
Overview of the New HazCom Requirements:
The revised HazCom Standard changes the existing 1994 Standard from a performance-based standard to one that has more structured requirements for the labeling of chemicals. The revised standard requires that information about chemical hazards be conveyed on labels using quick visual notations to alert the user, providing immediate recognition of the hazards. Labels must also provide instructions on how to handle the chemical so that chemical users are informed about how to protect themselves.
The label provides information to the workers on the specific hazardous chemical. While labels provide important information for anyone who handles, uses, stores, and transports hazardous chemicals, they are limited by design in the amount of information they can provide. Safety Data Sheets (SDS), which must accompany hazardous chemicals, are considered the more complete resource for details regarding hazardous chemicals. 
Note: All BMSA Dealer members are members of NLBMDA.

Member Rate for DVD Training: $50 
Non-Member Rate for DVD Training: $100
Work Injury - Is Offering Over-the-Counter (OTC) Medication a Risk for Business?

Question An employee was stung by bees while working outside. The employee refused medical treatment, and the company submitted the workers' compensation claim as first aid only. The employee was given the rest of the day off with pay, and offered modified duty until they felt ready to go back. The employee went back to work the next day with no problem. Could the company have recommended that the employee take an antihistamine? Since medical treatment was refused, all the company had available was OTC/first aid.

Response Federated Insurance is not aware of any specific employment statute that addresses a private sector employer providing over-the-counter (OTC) medication such as Tylenol, Advil or antihistamines to its employees. That said, they generally do not recommend that employers supply employees with any kind of medication, even OTC medications, or advice concerning what OTC medicines they should take, because doing so could expose the company to unnecessary liability on a number of fronts.

There is a percentage of the population that is allergic to any given medication, and certain medications are contraindicated by even OTC pain relievers or decongestants (i.e., they could result in employees taking other medications having an adverse reaction to even common OTC medications, such as aspirin or decongestants).  Of course, a first aid kit that includes non-medicinal items such as hand sanitizer, alcohol swabs, gloves, gauze, and/or bandages to clean minor cuts and scrapes is generally fine for the employer to provide.

(Source: Federated Insurance, August 2016)
Trucking Organizations Split on Speed Limiters

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has issued a proposal to require trucks weighing more than 26,000 pounds to be governed by speed limiting devices, and those devices should limit speed to between 60 mph and 68 mph. The Owner-Operator Independent Owners Association (OOIOA) said the proposal would make highways more dangerous, with OOIOA Executive Vice President Todd Spencer noting that "highways are safest when all vehicles travel at the same relative speed."  The speed limiters, he says, would take control away from drivers, so they will be unable to speed up to avoid certain scenarios as they crop up on highways. The American Trucking Association (ATA) voiced its support of the rule, with ATA President and CEO Chris Spear noting that "we cannot be afraid of technology, but we also must make sure that technology has proven benefits."  

The rule has not been formally proposed, but the agencies have suggested it could limit speeds to either 60 mph, 65 mph, or 68 mph. The final rule could take several months or years to develop, and the DOT has called for a three-year implementation period. Click here to read more. 

(Source: Overdrive, 9/5/16)
Don't Get Burned!

Fire Prevention Week - October 9-15, 2016
Every year, fires cost business owners billions of dollars - and that number doesn't even begin to measure the impact fires have on businesses and families of employees who are injured or killed by the blaze.
Fire Prevention Week, October 9-15, 2016, is a great opportunity to remember that preventing workplace fires is not a yearly, monthly, or even weekly activity - it is a daily activity. Investigations reveal that most fires can be prevented if businesses consistently pay attention to a few, very specific hazards. To help you and your employees make it home safely each day, Federated Insurance is pleased to share a new resource: a customizable,  fire prevention checklist(The latest full version of Adobe Reader is required to open and use the customizable checklist.)

(Source: Federated Insurance, 9/26/16)
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September 29-30: Leadership Development Roundtable #2 (Roanoke, VA)

October 2-4: Roundtable 3 (Charleston, SC)

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October 20-21: Sales Manager Roundtable (Hickory, NC)

October 24: BMSA Executive Committee Meeting (Charleston, SC)

October 25: BMSA Board of Directors Meeting (Charleston, SC)

October 25-27: NLBMDA ProDealer Industry Summit (Charleston, SC)

November 2-4: Roundtable 7 (Morehead City, NC)

November 10-11: Leadership Development Roundtable #1 (Charleston, SC)
December 7: Inventory Control Workshop (Raleigh, NC)
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February 1-2: BMSA's Building Products Show (Hickory, NC)
March 1-2: Installed Sales Roundtable (Charleston, SC)

March 22-24: CFO Roundtable (Nashville, TN)

March 27-29: NLBMDA Legislative Conference (Washington, D.C.)

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