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October 2018 

                    HOME TIPS FOR YOU FROM THE BNBA!!

Minimize the Amount of Escaping Air
Heated air can escape from gaps that develop where building materials meet. Some of the most common areas include where exterior siding meets windows and doors, around roof and foundation lines, around chimneys and where pipes protrude through walls or roofs. Check all of those locations to see if any gaps have formed and if so, apply the appropriate caulk or sealant.
Heat rises, which mean heat from your home also can escape through any vulnerable areas of the roof. The most efficient way to stop that heat loss is by installing ceiling and roof insulation with an R-value. The R-value refers to the ability of any material to resist the passage of heat.
Strengthen Your Windows and Doors
Your windows and doors are another area to ensure that the warm air stays in and cold air remains out. Look for any cracks around glass, sashes and window frames. Apply adhesive foam weather strips to the top and bottom window rails, or nail felt weather stripping where window sashes and frames make contact. Newer homes are much more likely to have double or triple-paned windows, which can dramatically improve energy efficiency.
Don't Neglect Your Gutters
Gutters and downspouts can easy become clogged over time, even if they have guards intended to keep out debris. Regularly inspect and clean gutters thoroughly, paying special attention to elbows and bends in the downspouts. Keep hangers fastened securely and plug any holes or cracks. You can also touch up any sections showing signs of rust with rustproof paint.
For more tips on home maintenance, visit .

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The BNBA website is a source for members and the general public alike to learn about the association and its members. Help us ensure that it is making the right impression on visitors and promoting your business by verifying your company information. Please visit our membership directory  and let us know if any updates need to be made to your information. 
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ADVERTISING RATES have just been released for 2018-2019. 

Whether you are looking for a magazine such as Empire State Home Magazine, E-Newsletter-NY Builder & Remodeler, or a Website. The designs, sizes, and rates are all outlined for you. Click here for more information. 2018-2019 NYSBA Media Kit                        
                                               IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT  
The New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council will meet on October 22 and will begin updating New York State to the 2018 ICC codes. 
NYSBA's Codes Committee, which is chaired by Annemarie Mitchell, will hold a conference call the week before the meeting to go over the changes from the New York State Code to the 2018 ICC codes.
Please take some time and go over the list of changes from the 2015 to 2018 Codes. Any recommendation or suggestions you can  send them to    Lew Dubuque.    Learn more....

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2018 BNBA Leadership Team
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President Elect -  David Capretto
Treasurer - Jeff Naab
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