Body Music is perhaps the oldest musical art form on the planet.  Today, snappin', clappin' and steppin' is a great way to bring groups together to create  in the moment music .   Body Jammin' is designed to be the perfect introduction to this universal art form, presenting  easy-to-follow techniques, ensembles and rhythm games, using the instruments we were born with - our bodies! 
What Folks are Sayin' About 
Body Jammin'!  
 "Body Jammin' is a simple, inventive and highly infectious way to bring people of all ages together in the ancient art of collective music making. Dave packs this valuable book with a wide range of musical techniques, multi-cultural lessons, songs and methods to elicit the pure joy of musical expression!"
- Jim Donovan M. Ed.,

"Dave has created yet another terrific activity guide book for educators, drum circle facilitators and music makers! This delightful book/DVD is jam packed with really accessible, engaging and inspiring ways for all of us to discover and explore the joy of rhythm in our best musical instrument-our bodies!"
- Mary Knysh, Rhythmic Connections

"Body Jammin' is an engaging and purposeful resource for rhythmic development through body percussion! The thoughtful care given to well-sequenced activities provide infinite possibilities for individual and ensemble rhythmic development. The whimsical, supportive approach to improvisation is encouraging for any child to unlock their creative potential. These lessons are destined to be a hit with adults and children alike!"
- BethAnn Hepburn, Co-Author Purposeful Pathways

"Body Jammin' is a friendly, well written, beautifully designed introduction to the art form - fun and accessible - a wealth of resource material to share with your students!" 

- Keith Terry, Contemporary Body Music Pioneer, 

  Founder & Artistic Director International Body Music Festival

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BODY JAMMIN' - A Rhythm Facilitator's Guide to Portable Percussion BOOK/DVD Preview
BODY JAMMIN' - A Rhythm Facilitator's Guide to Portable Percussion BOOK/DVD Preview


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