Asthma/Breathing Difficulty

April 2015
Did you know that exposure to the smoke of just 10 cigarettes per day, doubles a child's chances of developing asthma, as well as increasing the number and severity of asthma attacks? Even if you do not smoke near the child, the toxins are carried on your clothing, skin, and hair, then they are inhaled by the child as 3rd degree smoke. The number of kids and adults suffering from asthma has grown alarmingly in just the last twenty years. Why? Not only because of external influences like smoking, but more importantly, our current generation of children and adults are immersed in processed, sugar laden food. 
Many asthma attacks are triggered by an allergic reaction to pollen, food additives, pet dander, etc. Asthma can also be triggered by respiratory infection, exercise, stress, and psychological factors.
Common Allergens:
- Plants               - Pollens
- Dust Mites         - Skin Particles
- Insect Stings/Bites
- Medications        - Animal Dander
- Foods (nuts, eggs, milk, fish, shellfish, flavorings, preservatives)
During an asthma attack, the bronchials in the lungs become swollen and clogged with mucus. They also begin to constrict or tighten, resulting in labored breathing. If severe enough, an asthma attach can be life threatening.
Common Symptoms:
- Hives               - Rashes
- Watery, Red Eyes
- Itching             - Cough
- Swelling of face, eyes, or tongue
First time exposure to an allergen may only produce a mild reaction, however, repeated exposure may lead to a more severe reaction. Anaphylaxis or anaphylactic shock is the most severe type of reaction.
1) Avoid triggers by reading labels carefully and asking detailed questions about ingredients.
2) Detoxify your body (21 day, foot bath, etc.) to get possible allergens out of your system before encountering more during allergy season. 
3) Eat a diet rich in whole foods and reduce intake of processed foods, which commonly contain additives, preservatives, flavorings, and dyes.
4) Get adjusted. Chiropractic care has been shown to temper/reduce the exaggerated immune response that an allergic reaction causes. Similarly, studies have shown that following a chiropractic adjustment serum IgG levels are increased. This is known to be an indicator of immune function.
5) Reduce sugar intake. Sugar has been shown to increase inflammatory markers in the blood stream of those with a high sugar diet. The more inflamed your body is, the more severe the reaction.
6) Carry emergency medications / inhalers with you at all times.
Shower Disc       
Open Up Those Lungs
Whip these up at home and then place one on the floor while you take a shower. The water will run over it and create a soothing vapor mist with our favorite essential oils going to work on your bronchi. BREATH!



    *  2-3 cups baking soda

    *  15 drops Eucalyptus essential oil

    *  15 drops Lavender essential oil

    *  glass mixing bowl

    *  muffin tin liners

    *  muffin tin



  1) Add Baking Soda to mixing bowl and slowly add water. (Enough to make a thick, puddy-like paste.)

  2) Mix in the 2 essential oils.

  3) Spoon mixture into the muffin liners that are already waiting in the tin.

  4) Let sit for about 18 hours to dry. Store in an air-tight container until you are ready to pop one out of the liner and place in the shower.

In This Issue:
 Oil of the Month

This is a must-have if you suffer from Asthma! 

It is also useful in reducing Acne, Allergies, Endometriosis, Bronchitis, Burns, Colds,

Flu, Diarrhea, Infections, Sore Throat, Ear Inflammation, Coughs, Fever, and Nasal/Respiratory Congestion.

Diffuse into the air! Apply to the area of concern, bottoms of feet, under nose, on each side of nose, and on side of neck for quick respiratory relief.


Note: Eucalyptus a key ingredient in many mouth rinses and vapor rubs.


R.C. oil blend is another option. It contains 4 different kinds of Eucalyptus, plus a few other great oils for respiratory relief! 


If your asthma is triggered by an allergic reaction to something, use Peppermint and Lavender oil. Together they are a wonderful anti-histamine.  



Supplement Of The Month
For those suffering from asthma / allergies, we recommend this Standard Process product.
It contains a natural anti-histamine, known as Yakitron, and a liver decongestant.
The Yakitron in Antronex is "the detoxifying hormone of the liver" ad supports the body's normal detoxification mechanisms.


  Available for purchase at Scheideman Chiropractic.
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