Why did it take me so long to get this newsletter out, especially since I am so excited to introduce him to you?

Life happens.

One of the reasons has been a broken water line in the house. For some of you, I am certain no other explanation is needed. For the rest of you, well it is an experience I hope you never need to deal with. Yes, it is an opportunity to do some upgrades and discard many no longer needed items, I would have preferred to handle it at a more convenient time weather wise. Three feet of snow and a massive snow berm from off the roof have not helped deal with it at all.

I have several projects on the table I had been excited about finishing. They still wait. On the up side, this has been the most rapidly passing February I have ever spent.

So here is BOLD SPIRIT. If you have any questions, please call or email me. I'd love to talk to you about him. It was hard to see him leave the studio, he became so real to me as I completed him.

And yes, he was a horse I knew, the most beautiful horse I have ever owned. I had the honor of being the final retirement home of a truly magnificent creature who had given his best to all who ever rode him.