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Tryouts for 2019-2020 BOLTS teams continue!
If you missed last week, contact a Region Director and don't miss out!
Boston Bolts invite players to register for 2019/20 tryouts.  Bolts have a long history and our club's mission is to develop exceptional soccer players who are prepared to compete at the collegiate or professional level, by providing the highest quality soccer resources, superior technical curriculum, competitive athletic programs and personal growth opportunities which support a successful future.
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Please Register HERE to attend NEP & NPL tryouts for girls & boys and check out the full schedule on our website 

EAST Region - Weymouth
NORTH Region - Danvers
SOUTHERN New England Region - Attleboro
BOSTON Region - Newton
CENTRAL Region - Shrewsbury
REVERE Region - Revere
Overnight Camp at Roger Williams University in Bristol. RI for boys age 8 to 15 from July 28th to August 1st  Click HERE for more info

Each Bolts Region offers a summer clinic for girls & boys, focusing on fundamentals in a fun, challenging and competitive environment!  These clinics are held in a community near you: Newton, Weymouth, Wrentham, Revere and Worcester.
Click HERE for more info 
MA State Cup Champs & Post Season Play

Congrats to  Bolts 2004 ECNL coached by Mark Waterman  who defeated Aztecs 2-0 and are STATE CUP CHAMPIONS!! They will head to Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO in July for National Cup Finals!
04ECNL State Cup Champs

Bolts 2004 Central Elite Headed to ENPL Playoffs
Congrats to the  Bolts 2004 Central Elite NPL for an undefeated season and a great 3-1 win over CFC to advance to ENPL Playoffs this weekend.  they will face GPS RI South on Saturday at 1PM at Progin Park

NEP Final Four
We are so proud that we have 7 Bolts teams in Final Four competition this weekend.  These teams finished at the top of their bracket this spring and will move up next fall! 
Bolts 2008 South coached by Joao Novo
Bolts 2008 Revere coached by Cesar Salazar
Bolts 2005 SNE coached by Julius Summerville
Bolts 2005 Elite coached by Steven Conway
Bolts 2007 Strikers coached by Matt Walker
Bolts 2006 Strikers Girls coached by Matt Walker
Bolts 2005 Strikers Girls coached by Seth Tower

We also want to acknowledge more achievements by our Bolts teams.
The Bolts 2006 East Elite team has qualified for NPL play next year finishing 6-0-1 in Premiership this spring
Our 2004 and 2003 Central teams finished at the top of their NPL Groups 
Boys ECNL Post Season Awards

We are proud to announce our Boys ECNL All-Conference players.  As players are not assessed accordingly throughout the season, the ECNL directors of each club and league have decided that the top 11 teams in each age group will be granted one player selection with the player of the year coming from the first placed team.

Bolts p layers nominated for Northeast All-Conference were:
04 ECNL Jason Zacarias, Sean Seymour, Will Rooney
03 ECNL Ryan Larson, Adeon Muyskens 
02 ECNL Nick Kasper, Barney Brandon, Will O'Brien, Andrew Grant
01 ECNL Sancho Maroto, Sam Keenan
Boys ECNL All Conference Bolts Players 
ECNL NE Conference logo
2004  Jason Zacarias
from coach Mark Waterman " Jason was integral to the team's success this season. His goal scoring, assists, and overall work rate were second to none. I am proud of Jason and he could not be more deserving of this All-Conference award."
2002 Nick Kasper
from Adam Batista " "Nick has been an instrumental part of the growth of the 2002 ECNL team. He has led the team in scoring in both seasons, and his leadership is exemplified through his consistency and work ethic. Goals are hard to come by, and Nick has the ability to score at any moment."
2001  Sancho Maroto
from coach Smith Utubor " Sancho Marota came to form this year and played at high level leading the 00/01 in goals scored. His presence on the pitch was well felt."
Soccer Around the World

Congrats to Liverpool on their Champions League title, but there is still plenty of soccer to watch! 

FIFA Women's World Cup kicks off this weekend with the US Women facing Thailand on Tuesday, then Chile & Sweden in group stages.   

In UEFA Nations League tournament, England face Switzerland in the morning then Portugal faces Netherlands on Sunday afternoon.  

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