April 3, 2020
Although the Diversity Celebration has been cancelled, we want to keep you in the loop about our BOMA/Chicago Foundation scholarship recipients, volunteers, donors and our many other initiatives.

Today's newsletter features special messages from our 2020 Ollie Scholar and our Diversity Celebration Event Chair. We are also proud to introduce our 2020 BOMA/Chicago Foundation sponsors, listed below.

We thank each of you for your ongoing support.

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Inspiring Words from Vivian Orozco
Property Administrator at Sterling Bay
2020 Ollie Scholar

After several attempts at winning this scholarship, I am so proud to say, after much dedication and determination, I did it! Because of this experience, I am motivated to be a positive influence on others who are just starting out in this industry. My hope is to grow professionally into the position of Property Manager, to provide diversity to an industry that lacks such representation and to become a leader in CRE. I see myself taking part in discussions with others on the importance of diversity and being an example and a resource for my peers after completing my RPA. BOMA/Chicago provides so many opportunities for mentorships and networking, which I have directly benefited from. This scholarship will allow me to continue my involvement in BOMA/Chicago and share my experiences with others. I’d like to thank the Scholarship Committee, Reggie Ollie, the BOMA/Chicago Foundation and all of my coworkers at Sterling Bay for their continued support, just to name a few. Thank you again to everyone and I am so excited to earn my RPA and give back to the industry!
A Special Message from Tim Matzdorf
General Manager at Arrow Facilities Management
Foundation Decade of Diversity Sponsor
Diversity Committee Member
Diversity Celebration Event Chair

I have been a member of the Diversity Committee for the past 11 years. During this time, I’ve taken part in expanding BOMA/Chicago’s diversity outreach initiatives and have helped educate fellow members on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I’ve also had the pleasure of watching our Ollie Scholars blossom into industry leaders. For all of these reasons and more, I’m so proud to be a member of this Committee and equally grateful to have served as the Event Chair of the Diversity Celebration these past few years. Even though the 2020 Celebration has been postponed until 2021, I remain committed to our mission – which is to promote and strengthen diversity in commercial real estate. That is why Arrow Messenger has signed on as the 2020 BOMA/Chicago Foundation Decade of Diversity Sponsor.
Though everyone is unfortunately facing new hardships and can’t gather in a physical space, our BOMA/Chicago community remains as close-knit as ever. None of us have hit the “pause” button. In this industry, the doors never close. And that is how I feel about diversity and inclusion in the workplace – it is something we must advocate for every day. We must walk the walk and build each other up. We must hire and support diverse professionals; and we need to be there for each other even in times of hardships and uncertainty.
To say I’m proud to be a Committee member and the Celebration Chair would be an understatement. Even though all of us need to wait a year, I know everyone is looking look forward to the 2021 Celebration as much as I am. At that time, we’ll have plenty of accomplishments and CRE leaders to applaud…because nothing can stop the passion of this Committee and our members!
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