March 24, 2022

Meet Our 2022 Scholarship Recipients!

2022 Full Designation Scholar Maureen Mwangi

Congratulations to our 2022 Full Designation Scholar, Maureen Mwangi!

Maureen is a Property Manager at Lincoln Property Company and is currently responsible for daily building operations, tenant relations and lease administration. Maureen started her property management career in academia working at the University of Chicago and Northwestern University. She then transitioned to commercial property management three years ago. Maureen currently manages 120 North LaSalle.

Maureen has already taken two RPA classes. Her scholarship will cover all eight required RPA classes (worth $10,000).

The above photo was taken at the February 2022 TOBY Gold Circle Gala, where Maureen was recognized as the 2022 Full Designation Scholar. Teresa Amaro (CBRE) and Joe Sherman (Chicago Symphony Orchestra), Chairs of the Scholarship Committee and former Full Designation Scholarship recipients, are also pictured.
2022 Ollie Scholar
Daja Walker-Parker

Congratulations to our 2022 Reginald L. Ollie Scholarship Recipient, Daja Walker-Parker!

Daja is the Assistant General Manager for JLL at 24 East Washington. She earned both her BS – Real Estate (2020) and her MSRE (2021) at DePaul University. Daja began her CRE career as an intern at CapRock Real Estate, earned her Illinois Broker License, and was offered a full-time position as an associate broker in 2019. She made a career change into property management when she joined JLL in 2021 as a Property Associate. She was promoted to her current role in 2022.

Daja will be the guest of honor and give a speech at the June 17 Diversity Celebration. She has already completed one RPA class. Her scholarship will cover all eight required RPA classes (worth $10,000).
Scholarship Recipients Earn RPA Designation

2020 Ollie Scholar
Vivian Orozco

Congratulations to our 2020 Ollie Scholar, Vivian Orozco, for earning her Real Property Administrator designation!

In 2017, Vivian began her career in property management with Sterling Bay as a Property Administrator at 111 North Canal, an 800,000 SF, Class A building, where she received her Illinois Broker License. Then, in February 2020, she took on a similar role at 600 West Chicago, a 1.6 million SF, Class A building. In January 2022, upon completed of her RPA, Vivian was promoted to Senior Property Associate.

Vivian states, "I am grateful for all the wonderful people that have encouraged me and guided me to first, apply to the Ollie Scholarship, and second, to those who have provided me with advice as I earned my RPA. I feel extremely honored to have made it this far and look forward to the next chapter in my career. I would like to encourage my peers to apply for the scholarship and be a part of this amazing group of people who have so much to offer. I hope to make the same impact on others - as my peers have done for me!”
2020 Full Designation Scholar
Caroline Foulk

Congratulations to Caroline Foulk, our 2020 Full Designation Scholar, for earning her Real Property Administrator designation!
After receiving the scholarship in January 2020, Caroline began her RPA courses in-person, but transitioned to mostly remote learning for the remainder of the curriculum due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the two-year period of the curriculum, Caroline also received her Real Estate License and became a Diversity Ambassador.
Caroline started a new role in March 2022 as the Real Estate Manager for CBRE at 150 North Michigan – a 2022 local TOBY winner. Before this position, Caroline worked for JLL at multiple properties, including 180 North LaSalle, 333 South Wabash, 550 West Washington and 363 West Erie.
Caroline states, “As a recipient of the Full Designation Scholarship, I was able to pursue my Real Property Administrator designation at an accelerated rate, without the setback of personally financing the eight classes. I earned my RPA during a crucial time of development in my career, giving me the educational foundation necessary to become the confident real estate professional I am today. During my RPA studies, I developed strong relationships with other students and was able to learn from amazing instructors. I highly recommend the scholarship program, especially to those newer to the industry.”
10th Annual Diversity Celebration on June 17
Sponsor & Support Our Scholarships & DEI Programs
We invite you to become a sponsor of the 10th Annual BOMA/Chicago Foundation Diversity Celebration, which will be held on Friday, June 17 from 5PM to 8PM at a new and exciting location – The Old Post Office!
We expect over 500 people to attend the Celebration. Guests will enjoy music, delicious food, drinks and city views at a local TOBY winning property. Sponsorships and proceeds from the Celebration will fund scholarships, mentoring, outreach and other programs, including the Ollie Scholarship.
Both BOMA/Chicago members and non-members, along with the entire Chicagoland CRE community, are encouraged to show their support through a sponsorship. The sponsorship details are listed below:

Thank you to our Diversity Celebration Sponsors!
2022 Internship Program
Reach out to us if you will hire interns during the 2022 calendar year!
Through our strong relationships with National Louis University (NLU) and other local non-profits, BOMA/Chicago has access to strong internship candidates. These candidates come from diverse backgrounds and are first-generation college students.
In 2021, the Diversity Committee assisted five college students secure summer internships. We are here to help for 2022. If you are hiring interns for the summer, fall or winter, please reach out to us.

Interns from the 2021 summer program are pictured. Thank you again to Hines, Glenstar and Able Services for their support of our internship program.
Free Financial Empowerment & Home Buyers Workshop
Virtual Class on Four Dates!
Growing your savings and owning a home are the first steps in creating generational wealth. Building a better future for yourself and your family starts today and we want to help you on this journey!

The BOMA/Chicago Foundation and Diversity Committee are excited to offer this FREE financial literacy and awareness workshop. If your goals are to buy a home, gain financial stability and accumulate generational wealth, this class is for you. During this 90-minute class, you will learn about budgeting, saving, home ownership, credit and money management.

Registration is required. This class will be offered in English on April 21 and May 19 from 9:30AM to 11AM. A Spanish-speaking class will be held on April 7 from 11AM to 11:45AM. A Polish-speaking class will be held on April 7 from 12PM to 12:45PM.

Anyone can attend for FREE, including Security Guards, Janitors, BOMA/Chicago Members & Non-Members, Dock and Mail Room Staff, Parking Attendants and all Chicagoland Professionals!
BOMA/Chicago Foundation Fund Campaign
The BOMA/Chicago Foundation and our 26-year-old Diversity Committee are 100% committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in commercial real estate. As we continue to expand our efforts, we also need to expand and grow our resources. Under the leadership and guidance of CRE leaders and our Board of Directors, we have launched the BOMA/Chicago Foundation Fund campaign.

Our goal is to raise $250,000 by the middle of 2022. So far, we have raised $120,000. Can you make a donation to help us reach our goal?

Donations and the interest earned from them will be unrestricted. We will use these funds to support all of the Foundation’s current and future programming, including scholarships, career days, student building tours, financial empowerment classes, internships and more.

You and your company can play a part in supporting the BOMA/Chicago Foundation. Make a donation today! Click here to be directed to our Foundation Fund donation webpage. Thank you in advance for your support!

The BOMA/Chicago Foundation is qualified as a charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible as charitable contributions or as ordinary and necessary business expenses. Donors should check with their tax advisors.
2022 Workforce Diversity Annual Partner
Become a Diversity Ambassador Today!
Meet your peers and volunteer at our diversity events!
Are you passionate about enhancing diversity, inclusion and equity within our industry? Then we want you to join us as a Diversity Ambassador!

By becoming a Diversity Ambassador, you will help the Diversity Committee and Foundation:

  • Facilitate honest conversations about diversity and inclusion by encouraging others (and yourself) to share stories and experiences
  • Educate and mentor underrepresented high school and college students about the CRE industry
  • Recruit underrepresented professionals to the CRE industry and create professional advancement opportunities
  • Host building tours, job shadow days and networking events
  • Plan D&I education programs

BOMA/Chicago members and our community-at-large are encouraged to become Diversity Ambassadors. You will work hand-in-hand with our Diversity Committee in making measurable, positive steps in diversifying the CRE industry. Our future leaders are right here in our own community and YOU can make a difference by volunteering alongside us.
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