Stephen M. Hood
6 x 9 hardcover
 85 images
264 pages

Bradley M. Gottfried 
7 x 10 hardcover
82 maps 
240 pages

David A. Powell and  
Eric J. Wittenberg
6 x 9 hardcover
16 maps * 50 images
408 pages


Neil P. Chatelain 
6 x 9 hardcover  
20 maps * 75 images
384 pages

Michael C. Harris
6 x 9 Hardcover
27 maps * 46 images
528 pages

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Libri Novi - November 2020
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Ms. Kenya Savas


Dear Canine and Book Fans,

Look a few lines above. Please like us on Facebook, follow us Twitter, and the green button is to our blog on the website. WHAT!? You didn't know we have a blog on the website?! Well, now you do!  

It is cold now in the morning, and I won't go outside without looking stylish. I admit, my hoodie is getting a little snug. Momma Zoe says it's "the middle age look" and there is not much I can do about it. Good lord, why did I sneak so much Halloween candy? I am going to lay off the Milk Bones and start running again! 

Speaking of Milk Bones, they make me smile. And this is me smiling after Pop showed me a picture: 


Can you guess what picture and why? No? Here is a clue:

That's Miss Audrey Ladd, the editor (with her late husband David) of The Bachelder Papers. She is holding up one of the volumes of the Savas Beatie printing. She trusted Pop to handle it with respect and do it justice, and he did. (She also has a dog named Wigglesworth who is coming over to play.)

So, yes, I am smiling because Miss Audrey is happy. She put a decade of blood, sweat, and tears into that giant labor of love, and only a few hundred copies were printed 25 years ago by Morningside. She never thought she would see them out again, and so many people never had access to them. So yeah, I am smiling.

But I am NOT smiling about how poorly Kyoto the Rhodesian Boxer from Dallas is doing as the first pupil in my School of Dance and Charm. (By the way, have you ever noticed that the first three letters of "pupil" spell out the word "pup"? Just saying...). 

I finally taught her how to sit properly, but eating with grace and dignity is a tough road. Sigh. She makes a mess of everything, especially at the dinner table:



Pop told me to knock it off with funny and personal stuff and get to the real news. This is after all a newsletter you need to read carefully or forever hold your peace. 

Edwin C. Bearss' THE CAMPAIGN FOR VICKSBURG (3 VOLS.) is underway! Like The Bachelder Papers, he plans to have only 100 special sets prepared. But this is NOT just a facsimile reprint. This set is being produced with more bells and more special whistles than you can shake a large bone at. I mean . . . whoa Nelly. See below for the details. Get a move on, partner. 

THE BACHELDER PAPERS reprint. The 500 sets of "The Black and Gold edition" sold out so quickly that nearly 100 people called to get on a waiting list. A few were mildly frustrated with Pop because he didn't have a set for them, and why the heck didn't he?!

Pop promised there would never be any more than 100 signed/numbered special editions sets, and he meant it. So read below to see what he has planned for the reprint. (It's pretty cool.) But HURRY. SERIOUSLY. 

JOHN BACHELDER'S HISTORY OF GETTYSBURG: The unofficial "fourth volume" of The Bachelder Papers just became official. You asked (over and over) so Pop is greenlighting this. Morningside published very few of these in one small run in 1997. Try finding a copy now for less than the cost of your house. 

This long book (800+ pages) has a complicated history. Ms. Ladd and husband David were behind the editing of this one as well. Audrey wrote a lovely new Introduction with all the backstory. 

To keep everything consistent, Pop had historian Eric Wittenberg write the new Foreword, AND it will be bound exactly like "The Black and Gold edition" so indeed, on your shelf you will have all four MATCHING volumes. 

Morningside had shrunk the oversize Bachelder maps into this volume and folded them. The only problem is that they were printed much to small too read and so although it was cool having foldout maps, they were unusable. 

We have solved that problem. Lots more below....


THE SEVEN BACHELDER PAPERS MAPS: They too are a go. There are seven large (36 x 28) black and white maps of the field that have grids around the outside keyed to the books (including Bachelder's History of Gettysburg). The maps are being photographed now--super high quality--and will be printed on nice paper. We are not yet sure of the price (we will make them as reasonable as possible) or whether we will ship them in a tube, flat, or as folded maps. See below for more info. 

BELATED BOOS! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. 

Thanks for supporting independent publishing. 2020 has been a tough year (for us and for most of you), and we look for good tidings in 2021. We know we will have good reading. :) 

Loving woofs,

Miss Kenya

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Please EMAIL your specific interest for each offering here:

Include your name, address, telephone #, and specific book or set interest. We will contact you later for credit card information or you may send a check--your choice.
For the Ed Bearss Campaign for Vicksburg set, specify whether you want The Limited Collector's Edition (first 100 emails get them, and balance go to a waiting list) or the Standard Edition. 

Thank you! 
*     *     * 


This is a facsimile reprint AND an enhanced special edition. . .

We are your sole-source provider. These will not be on Amazon or available through wholesalers. Limited edition run TBD (probably 400 or 500 sets only).
The first 100 sets ("the Limited Collector's Edition") will be numbered 1 through 100, signed on the title page next to the Savas Beatie logo by publisher Theodore P. Savas, and ship with a bookplate signed by author Edwin C. Bearss and Terrence Winschel, Historian (Ret.) at Vicksburg National Military Park and the author of the new Foreword in this edition.

Sadly, these are the last signatures by Ed.

Originally published in 1985-86 by Morningside Books of Columbus, Ohio. It was a VERY small run, and reprinted in 1995 in another small run. 


1. This set was not released with dust jackets. We are adding dust jackets

2. This set had dozens of old-style black and white maps. All original maps remain, AND we are adding 8 (eight) FULL-COLOR ORIGINAL MAPS BY HAL JESPERSEN on a separate coated stock insert for each volume! 

3. New Foreword by Terrence Winschel.

  • Vol. 1: 788 pp., Vol. 2: 690 pp., Vol. 3: 780 pp. [2,258 pages total]
  • 6 x 9 facsimile reprint;
  • 50-lb. acid-free paper;
  • Full color dust jacket; 
  • Hardcover cloth with matching head and foot bands; 
  • Sewn binding;
  • Gold foil stamping on the spine.

1. Limited Collector's Edition: $199.00 plus $15.00 shipping (order of emails received).
2. Standard set (not numbered, no bookplate, and not signed): $169.00 plus $15.00 shipping

CLICK HERE to read more.

Reserve your set (no advance payment needed) via email: CLICK HERE

THE BACHELDER PAPERS REPRINT (The Red and Silver edition)

The 2020 black and gold edition sold out and the waitlist was well over 100...This 2021 printing does not have any signed or numbered copies or bookplates (we said 100 only, and we meant it).
We are your sole-source provider. These will not be on Amazon or available through wholesalers. The only place you can get them is through Savas Beatie.

Print run size will be determined by preorder interest. We do not anticipate it will be more than the previous 500 sets.
  • Books are heavy (nearly 11 lbs.) and shrink-wrapped and well-packed in a First Class Priority box with tracking and insurance.
  • This edition has the same new Foreword by award-winning author Eric J. Wittenberg as the black and gold edition.
  • Vol. 1: 736 pp., Vol. 2: 624 pp., Vol. 3: 768 pp. [2,128 pages]
  • 6 x 9 facsimile reprint;
  • 50-lb. acid-free paper;
  • Red high quality cloth with head and foot bands;
  • Silver foil stamping on the front and spine;
  • Sewn binding; 
  • PRICING: $175.00 (+$15 shipping).
CLICK HERE to read more. 

Reserve your set (no advance payment needed) via email: CLICK HERE


Because so many of you have asked. We looked into it. Okay, let's do it!

This is a facsimile reprint AND an enhanced special edition . . .

We are your sole-source provider. These will not be on Amazon or available through wholesalers. Limited edition run TBD (probably 400 or 500 copies only).

John Bachelder was contracted to use his research and write a history of the Battle of Gettysburg. It took some time and sat unpublished for more than a century. To read the full story, see Eric Wittenberg's Foreword and Audrey Ladd's Introduction, both of which are included in this reprint.

Like the Papers, Audrey and her late husband David found the manuscript, edited it, and it was published by Morningside in 1997--once again in a very small run. It is more than 800 pages. It incorporates his own thoughts, letters, many reports, etc.

Bob Younger of Morningside once called it "the unofficial fourth volume of the set." That got Pop to thinking, and he decided to do something pretty cool. Keep reading:


1. The old version had a very plain "meh" dust jacket. See the photo:

Because Pop also sees this as "the unofficial fourth volume of the set," it will be bound EXACTLY the same as "The Black and Gold Edition!" If you have the three-volume Bachelder Papers, this can be shelved right next to it. :)  

2. This set had the 7 (seven) black and white oversize Bachelder Maps in various sizes mostly as fold-outs. The problem was that shrunk down, they were essentially useless because the detail was so small 
it could not be seen without a magnifying glass. We will add a couple overall maps, but . . . Read the next announcement below for how we solve this problem. 

3. We have added a new Introduction by Audrey Ladd, which covers the developmental history of this study.

4. New Foreword by award-winning author Eric J. Wittenberg to keep the consistency in this set! 

  • 848 pp.
  • 6 x 9 facsimile;
  • 50-lb. acid-free paper;
  • High-quality black cloth with gold stamping on front and spine; 
  • Head and foot bands, sewn binding;
  • PRICING: $39.95.
CLICK HERE to read more.

Reserve your set (no advance payment needed) via EMAIL:

Once again, because so many of you asked about these, we looked into them. They are a go!

They are oversize (36 x 28) and we are getting high resolution scans done now (it takes specialized equipment to do these). Then comes the issue of where to print them. Many traditional printers cannot print them because they are too large. So we need to clear that hurdle. When we do, it will be on quality stock thicker and nicer than the originals. 

These are grid-keyed to the The Bachelder Papers and Bachelder's History of Gettysburg, so printing them and getting them into your hands will kill two birds with one stone. 

We don't know if they will be shipped in a flat box, individually folded (like the maps in the back of Bigelow's Chancellorsville, for example), or rolled up and shipped in a tube.  

We want to offer them as inexpensively as possible to you. We will know soon and let you know. 

Reserve your set (no advance payment needed) via EMAIL:

Don't miss your chance to purchase these coveted Savas Beatie Military Atlas Series titles. Now back in stock, these hardcover, full color books will be a great addition to your bookshelf.
YOUR TURN TO PLAY: Bachelder Papers Photo Contest

From the looks of our Facebook page and the celebratory emails we've received, we know that you were beyond excited to receive your Bachelder set. Now is your chance to capture that excitement in a photo. Even if you  previously tagged us on FB, please email your pic for your chance to win an in-stock Emerging Civil War Series book of your choice!

We are not sure if any of you can top Kenya's photo with the Bachelder Papers, but give it a shot!

SB Days of Christmas Preview
If this sounds familiar, you probably took advantage of our awesome Christmas deals last year. We're getting some great offers ready for Christmas 2020. Stay tuned and check out our December newsletter for these specials. Don't forget to treat yourself this year! You deserve it.


November Kindle Sale!
With winter knocking on our doorstep, now is your chance to load up your e-reader and sit by the fire with these amazing Kindle deals. Enjoy!

Best-selling Civil War Titles

Look in a Library - David Powell
This month, we look into David Powell's library, author of the Chickamauga trilogy, co-author of the recent release Tullahoma, and many others. Enjoy!

1. How old were you when you got the Civil War "bug" and when did you begin collecting Civil War books?
Collecting? Well, I read my Dad's books when I was in high school, and took books out from the library. But I started buying Civil War books in college, circa 1980.  
2. How many books do you have, and how do you organize your library?
Currently I have 6,000 books, of which 2,700 are related to the Civil War. The books are organized by subject and/or period. The Civil War books are organized by theater, biographies, regimental histories, and other more specific studies (logistics, for example). 
3. I have the most books on . . .

the Civil War, and the count is up to 2,700. WWII gets an honorable mention, 900 titles. I also have several hundred digital titles of older, public domain books, copied as pdfs, which I don't really count as part of the collection but which are still invaluable to my writing.  

4. If you had to pick a special favorite collectible/rare/special book in your collection, what is it and how did you come to acquire it?

I bought a copy of John B. Turchin's Chickamauga, an 1888 edition, from a book dealer in Galena, Illinois. Given how much time I have spent writing about the battle, it was an obvious purchase.

5. I collect Civil War books because...

I have a deep interest, and because I write about the subject. You never know when you will need a book. 

We would love for customers to participate in this popular column! Just answer the following questions and email us a photo of your collection (with you, if you like, holding your favorite Savas Beatie book). 

We will feature it an upcoming issue. If we run your entry, we will drop $5.00 into your online Savas Beatie account to use as you wish! Email it to 
1. How old were you when you got the Civil War "bug" and when did you begin collecting Civil War books?
2. How many books do you have, and how do you organize your library?
3. I have the most books on ________ (topic or subject), and the count is up to ______.
4. If you had to pick a special favorite collectible/rare/special book in your collection, what is it and how did you come to acquire it?
5. I collect Civil War books because . . .
A Look Into The Battle Digest Series
Battle Digest is the brain-child of Brigadier General Chris Petty (Ret.), who began using them on staff rides and for private conferences. Covering battles from ancient times to present day, they are presented in visually stunning FULL COLOR, printed on heavy coated stock, and Gate Folded Open (six full 8.5 x 11 pages, folding to one). In just 20 minutes, you can learn what happened, why it happened, and why it still matters today.

Over the next few months, we will be featuring a selection of these titles. We are sure you will want to pick up a couple for your next battlefield sojourns or for quick reference.



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We have many author events on the books (many of which are virtual!). Be sure to click here to see our full author event calendar.

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