December 2018 | Volume 2


The pool of your peers keeps growing, and it's our mission to keep you aware of who they are. Here's a selection of those we identified throughout the year, from all five major market segments.

Rejoint recently completed its first mechanical tests of YourKnee™, a cobalt chrome total knee replacement system that is additively manufactured using EBM.
The transaction, closing in early 2019, is valued up to $105MM. Ceterix's NovoStitch Pro allows arthroscopic stitch placement in tight joint compartments to repair complex meniscal tears in knees, hips and shoulders.

The visualization imaging platform, now available globally, has application in MIS endoscopic surgery. We also recap the company's product launches across various market segments.
FDA now seeks a more analytical approach--justification--for choosing sample size. Here are a couple of basic methods to apply in most situations.
The initiatives outlined here require that the OEM/Supplier relationship move from a purchasing-based to a relationship-based system of collaborative business interaction.
Featured White Paper:

Simple device design modifications can support a materials change that may yield significant economic advantages for OEMs.
One example: How much time do you spend fighting fires? Honing focus and advance planning are essential steps to success, personally or professionally.

A regulatory expert provides insight into the validity of e-signatures from software vendors.
It is advised that validation on these signatures must include specific documentation.

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