March 2018 | Volume 1

Primary total hip arthroplasty has undergone 25 years of development, thanks to a host of materials technologies. Here's a review of how today's standards were reached, with projections for future materials, surfaces and designs.

Device and contract manufacturers are seeing real benefits from Swiss machining. To gain more insight into the process, we spoke with several Swiss machining experts on the supplier side including Lowell, Norman Noble, Seabrook Medical and Boston Centerless. 

Knee implant prices in the country were slashed between 59% and 69% last year, and the expectation is that hip prices will be cut similarly. A rguments against price controls include possible curbs on innovation and the removal of proven products and solutions from the Indian market.
June 12-14 | Chicago
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Global unique device identification and ISO updates are among the regulations and standards that device companies must monitor in the coming years. 
Choosing your package configuration? Pick the right validations and set the right timelines and budgets to ensure that your packaging process won't stall your time to market.

OMTEC 2018 |  June 12-14 | Chicago
▪  29 sessions
▪  50 speakers (7 surgeons, 2 FDA, 6 OEMs & more)

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You will make intelligent, informed decisions when you understand the key drivers that fuel your customers' purchasing decisions. If you seek certainty in uncertain times, this keynote is a must-attend.
With specific application to orthopaedic engineering in an FDA-regulated environment, this article--written from a design engineer's perspective--provides a broad overview to highlight the milestones of a design process, from design request to purchase order, using Finite Element Analysis. 
When reducing cost or improving margins, many companies start with their suppliers. Though there may be opportunity down that avenue, the most cost-saving and margin-improving benefits might be found on one's own factory floor.