October 2016 | Volume 2

Small and large companies acting independently, large companies teaming up with smaller ones and large companies joining forces with other large companies. Clear leaders in the space have yet to emerge, but we suspect it's only a matter of time. 

The well-being of the patients our members treat depends upon our ability to communicate and collaborate with many stakeholders, including device companies. NASS truly wants to hear feedback and work with device companies to ensure that patients are receiving the very best care.

In case you missed it...and you're at NASS...

We've sorted through the exhibitors, because we're exhibiting too. This exercise got us thinking about you, and how you might leverage the exhibiting suppliers to get more out of your NASS experience.

Ascential, a new approach to spine healthcare, is launching to offer an implant and delivery solution for lower acuity spinal procedures in ambulatory surgery center and hospital settings. Ascential implants are manufactured by Stryker.

From the archives:

There are a host of reasons for mistakes in the workplace, including forgetfulness, inattentiveness, fatigue, distraction, bad habits, nervousness and just plain blunders. Many can be addressed by first teaching people to concentrate and to focus on the present moment. This article will describe one proven method to accomplish these goals.
From the archives:

If you know that your technology adds value by providing measurable benefits at reasonable additional cost, then understanding and measuring your comparative advantages are the best ways to ensure that your company rises with the tide.  Published in 2010, but still relevant.

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