July 2017 | Volume 1

We project the Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Repair segment to grow by 5% to 6% this year, and funding activity for the first half is proving interest on the part of the investment community, as well as some larger OEMs. Here, we highlight eight technologies and companies to watch.

Well-informed is well-armed. Knowing payors' expectations will keep you out in front and mitigate any concerns about getting paid.  Mr. Tim Hunter, who is Vice President of Health Economics, Reimbursement & Public Policy for MCRA, has nearly 20 years of experience with the matter.

Attention Suppliers and Service Providers!

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In this issue:

OMTEC Recap | Entrepreneurial Approach to Engineering

Assessing New Technologies | Workforce Development | Reimbursement Tips

Rules for Discussing your Invention


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Major leadership changes create a period of internal and external uncertainty. While the new CEO will be tasked with reconciliation of lingering merger integration/quality issues, he or she must also manage other challenges and growth initiatives. Our assumption is that new leadership will continue to execute on Dvorak's strategy to diversify the company's portfolio.
"The whole concept of regenerating cartilage is totally different from what's being used now to treat damaged cartilage," said Dr. Saw. "We are hoping this study will help FDA evaluate the safety and the effectiveness of this clinical application."

When it comes to outsourcing, the traditional role of suppliers is based upon their core competencies in manufacturing or specialty services. An inherent fault in this approach is that the opportunities for change and improvement are limited, at best, to the currently committed timeline.