December 2018 | Volume 1

We identify the main players, as well as capability expansions and future growth drivers in this space, to inform you how your suppliers are transforming their businesses.
OEMs must understand their contract manufacturers' inspection methods to ensure that micro machining and its quality checks are as effective as possible.

A surgeon entrepreneur and implant developer forecasts the future of plates, biologics and total ankle replacement.

Featured White Paper:

You need not rely on go/no-go gaging methods. With non-contact video and multi-sensor systems, 100% inspection can be realized, and speed/throughput can increase. 

These products include a transparent PEEK implant for flat foot deformity, titanium-alloy bone plates (also featuring a transparent PEEK hub) and a plating system for ankle fracture repair/ osteotomies.

The agency's measures include updates to previous guidance, a new cybersecurity playbook and a  collaborative  program with the Department of Homeland Security.
Proactive purchasing leaders understand their business' vision and manage supply chains to drive it to completion. Follow these steps to strategically manage your supply base.

Sensors the size of a flea can bring increased functionality and capability to design, potentially leading to more diagnostic information and improved patient outcomes.