January 2017 | Volume 1

What's new? Clarification on a few topics. For your convenience, we provide a list of pertinent items and where you can find them within FDA's 46-page document. 

If you work closely with a product manager--even if you are a product manager--you may overlook the span and depth of the skills required to be effective.
OEMs will benefit from adopting this six-step program to ensure that they're not recommending inferior suppliers anywhere in the chain.

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Each month, ORTHOWORLD examines updates to FDA's 510(k) database and highlights those products deemed strategic (a company's first 510(k) clearance, a first clearance in a segment new to the company, etc.).

We offer our 2016 estimates for the top five orthopaedic companies, as well as share an observation on one theme that shaped the industry in 2016 and is expected to remain top of mind in 2017: that is, diversification. 
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