February 2019 | Volume 2


Robert A. Poggie, Ph.D. (BioVera, Inc.) predicts expectations for the future of knee replacement from advances in design, manufacturing and surgical tools.

orthopedic FDA 510(k) clearances that caught our attention, and what you want to know before AAOS.

The opportunity includes an estimated $2 billion orthopedic market, a well-established regulatory pathway and strong reimbursement and pricing.

Technology and talent could impact supply chain management departments in 2019. An industry veteran shares what you need to know to ensure that products are manufactured, packaged and delivered to your customers to spec and on time.

The system supports image-guided minimally invasive surgery and will be introduced in the U.S., Austria, Germany and Switzerland in 1H19, with additional markets to follow.

ARVIS features a standalone surgical headset that projects virtual models of the patient's anatomy into the surgeon's field of view during the procedure. The system provides an alternative to larger, more expensive surgical robots and navigation systems.

In limited market release, the minimally invasive AdvantageRib has been used to treat over 50 rib fractures within two years. Full U.S. launch will occur within 1Q19.

This is the first of a year-long series of articles on DFM, set to provide engineers with an introduction to the principles of operation of major machining tools. Up first: the drill press.

As you set your focus on 2019 priorities and prepare for the AAOS Annual Meeting, we recap surgeon perspectives on today's trending topics.

Search orthopedic suppliers by capability, certification and geographic region. Notice the OMTEC badge for those companies exhibiting in June, and begin to set up your meetings!