November 2018 | Volume 2

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We remind you that your success is linked to leveraging your strengths and setting--and achieving--realistic goals.

In line with the small number of these transactions occurring in the last five years, a working relationship and market forces drove WishBone Medical's acquisition of Red Star Contract Manufacturing. 

We tracked 20 clearances from 12 companies, including larger extremities replacement players like DePuy Synthes, Stryker, Wright Medical and Zimmer Biomet, and smaller players like Catalyst OrthoScience, Medacta and Shoulder Innovations.

Our searchable directory features more than 275 orthopaedic-specialized suppliers.

Expertise ranges from Delivery Systems to  Manufacturing to Packaging to  Surface Preparation .

New Listings:

Consulting/Risk Management

Financial Services/Support 

These three companies either have new materials that we wanted to bring to your attention, or have had their material utilized in a recently-launched implant or instrument.

"VR's ability to offer a safe environment to make mistakes is valuable in providing surgeons with building blocks on which to learn," says the company's CEO . "Our technology goes beyond the technical steps of a procedure, through the enhancement of cognitive skills necessary to impact patient outcomes." 

This mobile storage and point-of-sale system houses 2,000+ sterile-packed GEO products. Learn how it works and what technologies it utilizes in our Q&A with CEO Michael Simpson.

Medacta acquired software for complex osteotomies with a patient-specific approach,  combining 3D pre-op planning and custom drilling, cutting and reduction guides.
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How do you avoid sterilization problems, rather than react to them after they happen? Look at sterilization as a process rather than a final step, advises an expert from Nelson Labs. 
If your experiences with contract negotiations are like visiting the dentist for a root canal, take heart. There is a much better--and pain-free!--way to go about wrangling that strategic agreement.